$5 Schoola Coupon and Free Shipping Offers

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I love Schoola.com.  It has made clothes shopping for Jack and George so much easier.  Without even starting up the car, loading in two full-of-life boys, driving 30 minutes to a store, getting them out and then submitting them to the torture that is shopping, I am able to save money and receive high quality clothing.  We have ordered from them several times and have been pleased with the clothes received.

When I saw this $5 coupon code, I almost let out a squeal, which would not have been a good thing as everyone else in the household is currently asleep.

I also jumped for joy, literally, when I saw that they are still offering Free Shipping for a limited time.  So hurry, go get some clothes for a great price while curled up under a warm blanket.

I also knew that it was too good to keep to myself.  Please note that it expires 11/22, which is tomorrow.  So, yes, you will have to spend time looking at cute kids clothes tonight.  My apologies.

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