Count Your Blessings – 10 fairly practical areas of thanks while feeling anxious

Count Your Blessings

On a morning where I woke up anxious about a decision I made, this is a post that I really need to write.  Too often life throws things at us that distract us, causing us to look at all the bad, or potential bad, and forget about the good.

Here are some blessings from this past week:

1. Yesterday my husband was able to take a day off of work and spend it with Jack.  A day with just the two of them is something that has not happened in a while due to time demands in my husband’s life.  I was glad to hear it went well and that he was able to enjoys Jack’s good part of the day (the mornings) rather than just getting the cranky parts (the evenings).

2. Having found an oral surgeon who could see George and schedule a procedure within only a few weeks.  Yesterday was our consultation.  I thought I was going into it prepared, but afterwards I always think of things I should have asked.  (This is the source of my anxiety this morning.)

3. Cooking with the kids.  We had an up-and-down weekend emotionally/behaviorally and really needed some connecting activities.  Cooking is not always a good choice, but it worked well this time.

4. The beautiful weather and changing of leaves.  Enough said.  🙂

5. Mouse traps with  peanut butter.  It is harvest season and the neighborhood cats are not doing their duty.  It is an unfortunate reality of life here, but one I am thankful we have as the alternative of living with them is less appealing.

6. Small town traffic.  We used to live and work in a Really Big Town, along with all the accompanying traffic jams, honking, aggressive driving, etc.  Going to George’s appointment yesterday I realized how much my driving style has adjusted to Small Town.  The traffic in the town we were in was not even bad.  I think it had to do with the increase in number of cars, all the odd streets, construction and going somewhere new.  There were no near accidents, but I am pretty sure I annoyed more than one driver with my Small Town ways.  I do not think a single driver waved “Thank You” once while we were there.  Some things you get so used to you do not think about them till they are not there.handful of money

7. Banks.  Recently I had to explain to Jack that banks have not always been around; people used to have to keep all their money at home or with them.  I also explained that if they needed to borrow money for something (like when Benjamin Franklin wanted to start his own printing shop) they had to find a person to lend the money, or back them.  Stopping by the bank yesterday I was thankful we did not have to keep our money under our mattress or in a shoe box in the closet.  It was held for safe keeping in a place I feel confident will have it when I go to withdraw it.

8. Choice of grocery stores.  I decided to do a bit of shopping with coupons, something I have gotten out of the habit of doing.  After making 2 stops at larger stores, I did a quick stop at Aldi’s.  While they do not take coupons, their prices are consistently low.  The option of going to various places to get what we need is nice, though time consuming if I do not watch the clock.  🙂

9. Blankets.  I am currently covered by a scrap quilt I made several years ago during my lunch breaks and commutes.  (Commutes were fairly long in Really Big Town and I was able to car pool with some others.)  It may not be the prettiest quilt, but it is a favorite for all of us as it is heavy and colorful.

10. A working vacuum cleaner.  When we were out of bags and I had to drive to Big Town to get them, we had to wait a week or so.  Most of our floors are hard wood, but there are a few area rugs.  I am always amazed at how much dirt finds its way onto those rugs.

And there you having it, 10 fairly practical blessings.  I have to admit that I was forced to really think about a few of these, as I am still sitting here in my anxious state.  It is so easy get wrapped up in your own thoughts that to stop and look around and take notice can require some concerted effort.

Off I go to get the day going, hug my kids and look at the beautiful leave through my large windows.