This and That: Mega Project Work, School, Clothes, Gardening and Foster Care

Today has been a nice boring day.  At home.  It started off with me waking up on my own versus kids yelling at each other.  Perhaps that had something to do with it?  Either way, I was okay with a day that included school, laundry, painting and dishes.

2 hours this afternoon spent on the Mega Project, this time edging around the room above the garage left me feeling like I made good progress.  I might even get in another hour tonight if I have energy.  I have the ceilings in two rooms to do then I can go back and use the roller on the walls in all the rooms and stairways.

store flash cards math

School work completed with a great attitude; so much so that we were able to add in a few extra things.  Jack was happy that “we did not have to do math today!”  Of course, he finished 2 lessons on MathSeeds just so he could see the theme of the next map.

If you tell him that he just did school work, I think I will have to ban you from reading the blog. 😉

A few days ago the camping equipment was put away and the space freed up in the kitchen.  No worries, it did not stay empty long.  I brought up the totes of clothes as switching them out while in a stack in the basement was not going well.  It actually was going no where very, very quickly.  So now, maybe some progress will be made.  As it is, we seem to be in the limbo stage, with some summer clothes out and some winter ones making their way into the wardrobes.

Tonight, after the kids are in bed, I am going to check out the deals on  Jack needs more pants.  We tried getting some while in Big Town earlier this week.  He does not usually do well in these stores.  I am not sure if he is visually overwhelmed or if the abundance of places to play “Hide and Seek” is just too much.  Either way, I really would rather make shopping easy and fun, while knowing the items will be of good quality and reasonably priced.

To make it even better, Schoola is currently offering several deals, my favorite of which is  the free shipping that is being offered for a limited time.  However, there are several more offers.

If you do the math above, you could potentially get $60 worth of clothing plus shipping for free if this is your first time ordering through them.  Now you have no excuse not to have your wardrobe as well as your kids’ (or other kid in your life) caught up for the season.

Clothes shopping without having to even turn on the car?  Sounds great.  Clothes shopping while drinking my favorite warm drink and snuggling under a warm blanket?  Sounds wonderful!

Update: I bought 4 pairs of pants for $13.08 in the time it would have taken me to get everyone unbuckled and into the store.  This does not even count the fact that the nearest store, that has clothes that won’t drain my bank account, is about 30 minutes away.   I paid about a $1 more per pair of pants than I would at garage sales or half-off days at the thrift store.  However, I did not spend $8 in gas and over an hour of driving to purchase them.  Also, Enya is playing in the background, my feet are up on the foot stool and I have a cup of homemade cappuccino sitting next to me.  So worth the extra $4-$5.  (For the record, Schoola says that I saved $36.92.  I never would have paid that much to cloth my active, life loving boys.  Just saying.) 

first schoola used clothes order collage

As I looked out the window today, I realized that I need to put the garden to bed for winter really soon.  The rainy weather we are having did not help the forlorn look by any means.  There are still tomatoes growing, which is what kept me from doing this before.  However, I do not see it lasting much longer and it is better to end this year’s gardening adventure on a good note.

The strawberry patch is overrun with weeds and radish plants that have gone to seed.  I’m not sure how this will turn out, but we’ll see.  If I get to it, then wonderful.  If not, then I have just created a larger job for myself next Spring.

There is still a small pile of wood chips that need to be relocated before the ground freezes, though I do not see that happening for a few weeks.  However, it is going to happen soon and I really want these put in their intended destination.

toddler bedToday I talked to two different friends, both of whom are on the journey to become foster parents.  I find it a bit odd that two different friends of mine, who do not know each other and who live in different states, are at the beginning-ish stages of their journey to become foster/adoptive parents.  The reason(s) that compelled all 3 of us to do this are different, our expectations are different, even our experiences at the beginning are different.  There are some similarities, but each of us is unique.

A misconception I had when I was, let’s say, younger was that all foster parents fit into a box.  They were XYZ kinds of people.  That could not be further from the truth.  I have seen first hand how the variety of homes can work for the best for different kids.  While a kid may thrive in one home, they will struggle in another.  While one home will struggle with a certain kid, they will find another a joy to have.

After going down this road these past several years, it is not necessarily something I push or even suggest for people to do.  It is hard, personally as well as on your relationships.  There are struggles.  Yes, there are also joys, but … it is hard.  If someone makes the decision to go on this journey I want it to be something they have chosen to do, not something I convinced them would be a good idea.  Having said that, I hope I can at least make it a bit easier and answer questions, provide support and being a sounding board.

That is exactly what happened this morning, before we could even start school.  My friend called to work through some feelings she had after a meeting with the agency and get reassurance about a decision being the correct best a logical one.  Of course she did not say it that way, but sometimes you just need to say things out loud and have someone who has been there tell you that you are not crazy.  I can be that person. Give me about 10 minutes and I can leave you feeling as if you have it all under control and know what you are doing.  I’ll even add in a few screaming kids in the background of added effect.  🙂

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