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As the weather turns cooler yet, we have left behind our shorts and are donning sweatshirts and pants.  With adventurous and spontaneous boys in our home, clothes take a pretty tough beating.  They do not always hold up from one kid to the next.  Add in the fact that our oldest grows like a weed, he is almost as tall as me, it can be hard to keep them in clothes without breaking the bank.

With Schoola.com, not only do we gain by saving money buying quality clothing, but schools and other organizations earn money for programs or other needs.  Right now you can Shop & save on the Gymboree collection at Schoola.com and 40% of the proceeds will go to the Malala Fund.

There are a few more ways you can save on top of the already discounted prices.  New to Schoola? Sign up for a Schoola account and receive 25% OFF your order!  Also, for a limited time, receive $10 in store credit when you create a Custom Collection at Schoola.com. Shop now!

And in case you are thinking this is only for kids, Now introducing the all-new women’s collection at Schoola.com. Shop now! I recently realized that I was letting my wardrobe become a second thought to the kids’.  I could tell that this was one areas I needed to improve upon, as it was something so simple yet made such an impact on how I feel about myself.  Spending mega bucks on clothes was not realistic as I am active with the kids and things get dirty.  Yet, I wanted to look nice.

After clicking on the Women’s tab, I was able to select my size, and further narrow it down by brand, price, color, condition or style. At 70% off, my money would go even further.

Once you are done shopping and head to your cart for check out, keep in mind that for a limited time, there is free shipping on orders over $25.  This is something the normally does not happen till you reach $50, so make the most of it and get ready for the upcoming holidays.

Speaking of special occasions, whether it is Homecoming or the winter holidays, Why pay full price for special occasion outfits they only it wear once? Shop the Dressy Collection at Schoola.com!  Check out their selection of dressy tops, dresses, slacks, blazers, leggings and even accessories.

This is a one stop shop for your entire family at a great price.  Happy Shopping!


This post contains affiliate links.  I have bought from this company before and was happy with the quality of items, the ease of ordering and the cost.

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