Sep 292015

Take a look at that adorable face above.  THAT is how I felt when I saw this in my inbox.  Not only is this a fabulous deal, but it also is perfect timing.  (Keep reading to see how to make it even better.)  We are going through the Great Clothes Switch, changing our Spring/Summer wardrobe for our Autumn/Winter clothing selections.

No matter how well I plan, there always seem to be gabs in our clothing choices.  As my kids have gotten older, it has become harder to find good clothing at affordable prices.  There are a few options left for me, but it means driving a long distance and taking the kids along with me.  Perhaps your kids feel different, but mine very much do not like this activity.

When I first tried Schoola, I had not anticipated how much I would enjoy their service.  Not only did I save several gallons of gas, but also there was no headache at the end from trying to keep two curious and active kids calm while I actually tried to make decisions.  Now, I look forward to going to their site and seeing what is there to help us round out our Fall and Winter wardrobes without spending 100’s of dollars.

While 50% OFF plus free shipping sitewide with code FALLINGPRICES is a great deal, here is how you can make it even better.

The picture collage below is of my previous order from Schoola.  Because of this order I was able to be prepared for the cool weather that has started to appear.

first schoola used clothes order collage

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