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  1. Thank you for sharing your bug friend. I have been missing my dad lately and this just brought a wonderful happy memory to me. You see, where we used to live, dad and mom would meet us at a park that was about half way between our two towns so that they could take the kids for a week end visit. One year the trees were over run with cicadas. They were also shedding their shells all over the place. Well, for months dad would take great pleasure in torturing me with those shells. I would find them in the car, in the cabinets, even in the fridge. I especially remember him leaving one in the fruit bowl my mom kept by her kitchen sink. Well, needless to say, those empty shells really blend in and FEEL creepy when you touch one, thinking you are grabbing a banana. LOL Thank you for the happy memory prompt.

    1. Thanks for sharing your memory. Sounds like something we would do in my family, also. 🙂 It is amazing what things can bring back memories we may have not really thought of in a while. I find those memories to be bitter-sweet, but still things I am so glad I have to look back and remember. Glad I could help bring back some for you.

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