Reducing Water Usage

Natasha, at Mother of Seven, posted recently about a money saving tip they have started using in their garden.  Not only did it save them money, but it used something they already had on hand. This meant they didn’t have to pay for material.  Free is my favorite price.

I am thinking I can find the material either at church, friends, or Freecycle.  My plants are already in the ground, but I may be able to do this around several that are still on the small side.

With the lack of rain right now, this would be very useful in directing the water to where it would be most useful.  That is, to the plants’ roots.

I think this would also save time and allow children to help.  The watering area would have a more defined target and the amount of water used could be easily measured.

Recently I had to instruct my newest “helper” that plants drink water from their roots, not their leaves.  This meant that the water needed to go on the ground near the plants, not on the leaves and a foot away from the newly planted flowers.  Oh, the things I take for granted that everyone knows.  This tip would have really helped.