Shopping For School Clothes Without Leaving Home (or breaking the bank)


A few weeks ago, I heard about a new-to-me company that sounded almost too good to be true.  Since I had not tried them before, I wanted to wait till I had received my parcel before suggesting them to all of you.  Well, I am here to tell you that my expectations were far exceeded.  Not only that, a friend of mine also tried out this company and was very impressed with the quality of clothes she received.

What company is this?  Schoola.

Over 300,000 families nationwide have discovered Schoola’s unique solution (to fundraising) that has been praised as an ‘amazing mash-up of community building, upcycling and commerce.’”

What this means for you and me is great clothes at a fraction of the cost, all without leaving home.

first schoola used clothes order collage

My first order included 4 long sleeve shirts, a pair of pants, and a t-shirt for George, as well as a long sleeve shirt for Jack.  Once the items came and I saw in what great condition they were in, I immediately went online and ordered Jack a pair of pants for winter.  These items, plus a bag of hand-me-downs we received, meant that my kids have their winter wardrobes all set.  I had been wondering when I would be able to fill in the gaps.  Schoola helped with that problem and did not drain my bank account doing it.

To make the most of the deal that was running at the time, and the credits I had for being a new customer, I chose not to pick clothing items that were in ‘top’ condition.  All these items said they had a mark or worn place on them somewhere.  Even with that disclaimer, the clothes looked almost new to me and were much better than any I would have found at a garage sale.  My friend said the same thing.  As the mother of boys, we are well aware of how clothes can look after only a few wearings.

George is getting to be a size that is hard to find at garage sales and second hand stores.  Most of the families we received hand-me-downs from are now either the same size as him, or he has outgrown them.  This child tests my buying ahead skills in the clothing department.  I have now found a new way to shop, without having to take to rambunctious boys into a store.  I love it when life become easier.


To make this an even better deal.  For a limited time, receive $10 in store credit when you create a Custom Collection at Shop now!

Also, if you are a new customer you can receive $15 off to shop the amazing deals on children’s clothes at!

And it keeps getting better!  Right now the price you need to reach to get free shipping has been lowered.  You can get free shipping on orders of $25 or more, before discounts.

Happy Shopping!!


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