Weekly Goals – June 17, 2012

Previous Goals:

1. Find out how to add edging along garden border

2. Divide and replant aloe plants

3. Declutter 7 items each day

4. Mail 1 postcard to a friend I haven’t talked to in a while

5. Weed-eat around my garden beds

6. Dig up four things from my front bed that I want to keep and reuse

7. Start researching about siding for the house for next summer.

New Goals:

1. Divide and replant aloe plants

2. Take clothes to consignment store

3. Make a call for a quote on siding

4. Make a list of people I want to send cards to, and their addresses.  Mail a card to the first person on the list.

5. Try a new recipe – a strawberry soup of sorts; I’ll let you know how it goes

6. Water garden and potted plants more frequently; the heat is starting to get to them

7. Read with the kids 10 minutes every day

8. Make three freezer meals, including multiples of the one recipe


I did get a lot done this past week.  It just wasn’t the items that were on my to do list.  I started reading to the kids more, cleared out my refrigerator, processed 64 quarts of strawberries, almost finished planting all my garden plants (better late than never?) and planted some flowers in the planters on my front stoop.  Sometimes, you just have to do what you can when life throws you some curve balls.