Jun 292015

During quiet time I decided to do my daily Swagbuck activities.  I am trying to get back into a routine that will work for where life is right now.  Imagine my surprise when I see that Swagbucks is doubling the amount of SB you earn from Encrave! For two days only (Monday, June 29th & Tuesday, June 30th), you get 2X the SB when you earn from Encrave.  (For any US-based Swagbucks members, that includes nGage or the Daily Crave too!)

For all the Encrave SB you get on Monday, you’ll receive that same amount again on Tuesday as a bonus. Same goes for Tuesday: the SB you earn on Tuesday from Encrave will be credited as a bonus on Wednesday. That’s getting a double payout for the same thing! Encrave is a great way to get closer and closer to your next gift card, by browsing videos, articles, slideshows and sites online. It’s easy!

Last week I sat down and wrote out a large goal of what I am wanting to save my Swagbucks towards purchasing.  While I still have some details to iron out, this is an opportunity that will really help reach it.  In years past I used it to help buy Christmas gifts, though this year will see it go towards something else right now.  (No, it is not more cloth training pants/diapers, gardening supplies, or groceries.)  It is amazing how a little every day adds up.  Events like Double Encrave earnings help you get there even faster.

Not a Swagbucks member yet? You’re missing out on valuable ways to get gift cards just for doing things online, like searching, watching videos, taking surveys and even shopping! Sign up here to take advantage of the Double Encrave earnings today and get a head start on your first gift card!


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