A Year Of Being Perfectly Imerfect

Poppy flower

“Perfectly Imerfect” seems to be my theme for this year so far.  I am learning that sometimes things just need to be done.  Does it really matter if my laundry is sorted by color before washing?  (hint: the answer is “No”.)  The goal is for it to be washed.  It does not matter if it is all on one day at the laundry mat, or spread out over the week while walking around building materials to get to the washer.  Washed is washed and that is all that really matters.

I often get stuck trying to make things perfect and in the end nothing gets accomplished.  Then I begin to feel like a failure and even less happens.  Not exactly productive.  This year it seems that if I want anything to get done, it just had to be done.  Yes, there are times where more thought is needed.  However, there are a lot of times where waiting for it to be perfect is just an excuse for it not to happen.

Take gardening for example.  In years past I have tried to plant at the ‘right’ times, space the seeds exactly where they should be, start transplants weeks and months before hand … while that is all fun, I do not have the mental energy or daily time for it.  What I do have time for is imperfect gardening.

Seeds were planted at night, after the kids had gone to bed, on nights when it was supposed to rain within a day.  They were planted, but not necessarily at proper spacing.

Seeds were planted that I already had on hand.

Weeding is done on a per-bed basis, sometimes as I walk by them.

Grass seed gets added one spot at a time.

Blog posts are being written one paragraph at a time.  🙂 This means though that they do not get finished in time to post them.

So, I am still here, just not as put together as I have been.

I am caught up on laundry, though. We have switched out clothes for the season.  This resulted in my washing about 8 loads of laundry in one day and pulling out a lot of clothes that have been outgrown.  Add in our normal washing, and I hope to not see our washer for another week, at least.  We are back to using cloth training pants at night again, so in reality it will not be a week before I need to do another load.

framing remodel room

Framing work on the new part of the house is close to finishing up.  Electrical, insulation, drywall, HVAC, etc. still to come.  This means lot of calls, chaos before the calm, and things still very out of place.  There are days when television is on a lot more than I like, but it is what is easiest in a non-perfect situation.  Today was one of those days.  The only rooms Jack could go into were my bedroom, the bathroom, his bedroom, the playroom and the living room.  He couldn’t even go outside alone (he kept going to the neighbor’s house, without asking, and ringing her doorbell).  There was a LOT of noise and dust and change of routine for him.  Not only did he need somewhere to ‘hide’ from it all (sensory overload for a kid who does not like loud noises) but also something he could do that would not get him into trouble.  Perfect situation, no.  Did it get the job done, yes.  Imperfectly perfect.

So, there you have it. A perfectly imperfect post. While it won’t win awards, it will have the ‘post’ button pushed on it and the sun will keep shining.  Well, it would have if it had been finished before the sun went down.  🙂  For today, that is an accomplishment.

Have a great day!


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