Recent Reads From Across The Web – Pantry

organized pantry shelves 5

Organizing my pantry is something I love to have done, but which I do not do as often as I should.  There comes a point when the cupcake wrappers are next to the relish, which is next to a flashlight, which is beside the dried beans.  This is the point where I give in and dedicate an hour or so to organizing items, wiping down shelves, and all around stopping the chaos.

To get into the mood to do this again in the upcoming days, I wanted to share a few posts I have read that were inspirational.  Sometimes looking at other’s pretty pictures is all I need to become motivated to take on this job.

Purpose/Lay Out

Finding Joy In The Everyday ran a series of posts.  Here she talks about her pantry, why she has it, and how it has changed in our homes over the years – Room by Room: The Pantry,

Pantry Design Ideas for Every Era

Brief History of Pantries


Organizing Your Store Cupboard, by Sharon from How To Get Organized At Home

Home Sweet Home on a Budget: Pantry Organization

Pantry Organization Ideas from Little House Living – I love the encouragement to use what you have, and reminders that you do not have to spend a lot to get it organized.


I know it is a short list of recent reads.  Sometimes that is all that is required to become encouraged to begin a project I have been dreading.