Saturday Adventures (Kids Perspective)

It was a bright snowy morning.  Anticipation was in the air as new snow was expected by nightfall.

Upon waking up and realizing Mom and Dad were still asleep, we skipped our morning routines (who needs diffrent clothes, we were already fully covered) and went straight to PLAYING.  So many things to get done, so little time.

Without delay, we followed the track the Rescuebots had left in the snow overnight.  Yes, it may have meant disobeying by going out onto the porch and leaving the door open a bit when we came in …but we didn’t go IN the snow.  It was cold and we were thinking ahead.  Mom would have been proud, though, I even had on underwear. And pants.  🙂 You’re welcome, Mom.

After following the tracks around the house, by looking out windows, we could contain our excitement no longer.  We HAD to share it with Mom.

No,worries, she wasn’t sleeping – she opened an eye when we opened the door. That meant she was wide awake and ready for a volume of speech usually reserved for coaches yelling at their players. Hey,this was exciting stuff!

After telling our story we left to set traps to catch any Transformers, least they should reappear.

snow on red cedar trees

Years later, Mom finally had crepes ready for breakfast. Not sure what took so long, she only had to stop every 5 minutes to tell us be quiet, stop an argument, separate us, send one to our room, return said kid to room, remind me not to hit the walls,remind me not to run, … yeah, not sure what took so long. Really, if she wasn’t so worried about teaching us how to not break our stuff, or her’s, things would go a lot faster around here. I wonder if she knows that?

Dad ate breakfast really fast. How does he do that?  It couldn’t have anything to do with him actually eating, since that is so boring. Not only can you cut your crepes, but they are also rolled! How great is that?! Of course I have to unroll and reroll each piece.  Who cares how sticky my hands get. It is all part of the experience.


Mom dashed my dreams, yet again, by telling me that you can not get things off a t.v. and you can not get into a cartoon.  She went as far as making a short ‘movie’ of her coffee cup turning in a circle. Do you know how she did it? By taking a series of pictures, then scrolling through them quickly.  I smiled and pretended to understand.

Next she made a thing called a flip book. She made dots on a page.  Not really exciting. Then, she flipped quickly through the pages AND THE DOT MOVED! Ah, now I get it!

As that was so 30 seconds ago, I got bored and went off to play.  For some reason Mom got aggravated and sounded like she had other plans for the day.  In case she didn’t understand what we were doing, I clarified, “I don’t have time to brush teeth/get dressed/take dishes to the kitchen. I. Am. Playing.” By her reaction, I don’t think she still fully understood. By the look on her face though, I figured I should obey.

While I was going to obey, I first needed to run away from her when she went to give me my toothbrush, do a headstand on the couch, do a circuit through all the rooms, and then back to the couch.

For some reason Mom had decided to leave without me. Can you believe how unfair she was being? Didn’t she understand that I was on my way to obeying?

At least she put on The Brinkman Adventures when we got into the car. If I had to put up doing what she wanted, at least I could be listening to something fun. Right?

Hey, look, we are in Big Town! “Mom, can we go to the library? I want to go the library.” I wonder why she didn’t answer me?

Look, we pulled into the library. Glad she listened to MY plans.

However, she wouldn’t let me go straight to the computers.  I humored her by paying attention, sort of, in the art thing she wanted us to do.  I tried to slip out, but she kept making me stay by her. Maybe if I try again … maybe now …

“Stand up quietly,” she whispered finally, “and go to the desk out there.”

While we signed up for computers she disappeared. I wonder where she went? Oh well, she is here somewhere. I have places to go and things to find.

(And this is where Mom disappeared to while boys were otherwise occupied. Lovely books. So many places to go and things to find.)