Imaginative Thinking

May 2015 homeschool children activities collage

Last night I told my husband the kids’ imaginations were very active in their play recently, with them finally initiating story lines without me having to prompt them.

Monday we visited a historic site; an old fort used for about 200 years ago.  While walking around the kids suddenly gathered, gave me a mischievous look, then ran for the out buildings. Next came warfare of the kind not seen on the frontier, but very much in their imaginations. After being shot at with hand guns (literally their hands made into gun shapes and “pew, pew , pew” noises from them), I made a frontal assult tickling any rebels I caught.

After a bit, we saw the retreat of enemy soldiers going down a trail at the edge of the woods and followed. 3 hours later we headed home. What could have been a 5 minute stopped spurred their imaginations and they acted upon it.

This has been an issue in the past, actually thinking of group imaginative play on their own and following through in a thought out way.

This post was inspired and written when my kids were a bit younger. It was then put into the Draft folder and forgotten.  During this time in their young lives, they had a tendency to think anything was possible. If you disagreed or they found out it was not, then you either faced their wrath or incessant argument of it being a real possibility.

Here is the post and a great example:

Young Sir has a great desire to own a Transformer. A real Transformer

H wants to know how to get on t.v., or how to get stuff off the t.v.

Logical Me proceeds to explain what TV is -series of pictures.

I take a picture with my camera.  “Can you grab the item? If the camera is shaken, does it fall out?”

“Now, a video is series of pictures….” And I make a video of a cup turning around by taking a series of still photos.  

We watch a video of stop motion on youtube.

We make a flip book, with a sticky pad, of a dot moving up and down.

Being pretty sure they have gotten it, I stop ….

Young Sir follows up with, “Okay … On the way to church, you get to drive Boulder, Daddy will drive Chase and I’ll take Blades …”

Logical Me gives up and waits a few years (doc), and many more frustrated conversations from Young Sir, for this stage to pass.

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