A Week of “Days”

Snow Day began the week, with some productive things being done.

Sick Day followed, with very little being done.

And though we were still under the weather, the next day suddenly became Fix The Flat Tire Day as it began with an early morning call that a close relative passed away.  Close in terms of relatedness, not geography.

Knowing that we I was going to have to drive with George and Jack many hours away, I decided it was time to find a place to get a new tire.  (It went flat 2 weeks ago.) Our spare is a full sized tire, but is over 10 years old.  I trust it around town, and to Big Town some.  I didn’t want to test it by going hours and hours away over Interstates and rural roads.  Wanting a different brand of tire than what was on my car currently meant I had to go to Big Town, at least a 3 hour ordeal after all was said and done.

books time planner school

That brings us to today.  This afternoon was taken up by a few hours of at home therapy and the need to wash clothes at the laundry mat, meaning only this morning was really free.  Even then. I knew Jack needed to get back into the routine of school work. We stayed at home and eased our way back into it with four books of read alouds and a lesson on Reading Eggs. I also  introduced a clock, the parts, hours and minutes, and how the hour hand turns.  We played with it some, taking turns turn the dials and having the other tell the time.

Tomorrow is going to be Get Ready To Leave Day.  Not only do I need to pack for me and the two boys, but also make sure the house is set up for my husband to be here by himself for about 24 hours.  He will do homework and get some much needed quiet time while we are away.  There is food here for him to eat, but he needs to know what it is and where.  I went ahead and put out a new package of salami, so he is good for two or three meals already.  🙂  There are even slicing tomatoes in the fridge for him to use, and I found three bottles of sparkling water in the basement today.  So far he will be just fine all by his lonesome.

Then comes the Long Drive Day.  If all goes as I hope, I will be taking George out of school a few hours early in order for us to get to our destination while it is still decent.  I would love to get there by 7 o’clock, but that all depends on when George’s tests are on Friday. I emailed his teachers, explaining why I wanted to leave early.  My hope is that they do not make me stay in Small Town 2 extra hours just so he can take a spelling test.

Saturday starts off a bit early, even more so since there will be a time change involved.  There is also going to be a Mass at the funeral.  Though we are Christians, we are not Catholic.  I grew up with family and friends who are and in an area where it is a part of the culture, to an extent.  George and Jack, though, um, no.  I can almost guarantee they had never been to church before coming to live with us.  It has finally gotten to a point that I can take them both by myself and do okay in our (conservative/traditional) church service.  If my husband goes, which is 99% of the time, Jack is more likely to act up as he wants Daddy, especially if Mom is being mean and making him sit quietly on her lap, which is every Sunday.  (He thinks if he goes to Daddy, then Daddy will let him sit on the floor or crawl around or any host of things that Mommy very much will NOT let him do.  I’m smarter than that and caught on fairly quickly, which is why I’m “a mean mommy”.)

Okay, so back to the Mass.  I am not sure how the boys will handle it, so I will have to prepare them before hand.  I have been to several in my life, some even in different languages, though only one or two that were in a situation where a funeral was involved.  I’m hoping the newness of it will keep their attention and that Jack will (please, please, please) remember to use his quiet voice.

chocolate souffle with mint ice cream

(The image above has nothing to do with the text.  I thought it looked happy and yummy, so I wanted to add it in – a chocolate souffle my husband made a while back, topped with mint chocolate ice cream.)

Due to logistics, I think we will be driving back to Small Town on Saturday afternoon/evening.  I had considered staying the night with my parents, then did the math on driving times.  Staying a night at their house would mean 3 more hours of driving and more disruption to George’s and Jack’s lives.  Right now, that is a stress I do not need or want.  They do not always handle change well, and if the holidays were any indicator, even the change of visiting the grandparents will set them off.  Jack regressed almost 3 years by the time we came back from our Christmas visit.  To say the drive home was horrible would be putting it nicely.  I had forgotten just how trying those drives used to be.  We revisited almost every one of our old “pull-over favorites”.

There will also be added stress going on there related to the funeral and related matters.  Not only do I not want to add to my stress level, but I also do not want to add to my parents’.  If we can show up a bit early on Friday night and spend time with them Saturday morning, the interactions all around will be of a much better quality.


I have a post scheduled for later this week, but otherwise it might be quiet on here till Sunday.  My energy levels are pretty low as I am fighting a head cold or something that has drained a lot of my energy.  Between that and the upcoming activities, I am not sure exactly how much time I have to stop by.  This is also why I have been a bit quieter than planned these past few days.  I even skipped meal planning and decided to wing it.  I had meat in the fridge and made a meal around one type or the other every evening.

Tonight, with just me and the kids, I had turkey franks (picked up free with a coupon) and fried potatoes.  Dessert was chocolate milk while I read a story.

Yup, when Mama is feeling wiped out, meals get pretty basic.  When George asked what was for supper I told him hot dogs.  When he complained and asked what else, I told him potatoes.  When he complained and asked what else, I told him hot dogs.  When he started to whine again I cut him off and told him that if he did not like it, he did not have to eat anything and I would be very okay with that.  Guess what.  He ate hot dogs and took seconds of the potatoes. 🙂