Apr 202017

Would you do me a favor and test out this video?

I am wanting to know if it played alright, or if there were any issues with it. If all work out, I may have finally found a way to share videos.

Yes, I realize YouTube is not new.  Yes, I have used it before.  So why the delay and using it to share videos?

That is a great question with a not very great answer:  It was yet another item in a long list of items, all of which I had convinced myself was difficult, time consuming, and hard to accomplish.

If it works, I was wrong.

Yet again.


Jan 132013

Here is the third and final part to Burpee’s seed starting videos. I find this to be my favorite video of all three because it goes from the theoretical (why should you do this?) to the how-to part. In other words, you get to play with dirt. I like playing with dirt. Okay, technically it is soil, but it is close enough.



Out of curiosity, have any of you considered starting seeds after watching the videos?  Were you sold on the idea and the ease of doing it?