Mar 282016

2 snowy seats and table

Recently I shared 3 projects I would love to make for my garden from wood pallets.  While searching for idea, I came across a few more that would work great for the yard.  These are also projects in which I can involve the kids. 

How about this great porch swing, but turned into a tree swing? I know the perfect limb ….

A shelf to tuck in along a porch corner? Sold. Finding furniture I can leave out rain or shine, or snow, is hard to find. The screened in section of our porch is usually protected, but still is prone to moisture and lots of wind.  There is a section of wall perfect for a shelving unit. It would be a great place to store outside toys, games, and items for entertaining. A much better idea than the low table we currently have which has become a dumping ground.  This is also a project that could be worked on at any point in the year.

I am really liking the idea of this Ottoman for the porch. It would fulfil various needs as time arose – storage for toys or cushions, an extra seat, IR an ottoman. There is the slight detail that this is made from a crate instead if a pallet, but it is a great idea to go from.

Mar 272013

Decluttering is a constant goal of mine. It shows up fairly often on my weekly goals in the form of “I have decluttered 14 items this week” or “I have decluttered a drawer”. The main reason is to keep the feeling of life being taken over by stuff.  It also helps with organization, finding things and not being rules by items (having to dust them, use them, clean them, move them, etc.).  The past few weeks have also shown me another reason: helping others.  It isn’t always easy, but it feels better once it is done.

A young friend of mine is just starting out with almost nothing, literally. She has clothes and a few dollars.  Additionally this person is getting married.  This is not something I would normally recommend.  However, this friend was engaged before being suddenly on her own, so it was understandable that they decided to move the date up. Given I can’t change any of the facts or circumstances the most I can do is show support to help this transition be easier and, hopefully, more successful.

This young friend and her fiancee were blessed to find a place for an extremely reasonable price for after they get married.  The thing is, this place has nothing in it.  When another friend mentioned to me what was happening my first question was, “What is needed?”  The answer, “Everything.”  Because I had been decluttering along the way I was able to go through boxes and find items that may be needed.  It also gave me a reason to finally go through some cabinets I have and declutter them to.  Though I may not have been able to furnish their whole place, what I was able to offer means they don’t have to go buy those items.  It is also not only me offering them stuff, others are helping out too.  If each of us does a little bit, it all adds up.

In addition to offering these items to this particular friend, I also put together two and a half bags of out grown or unneeded clothing for two other people.

My house is now several pounds lighter and there is less to take care of.  This means more time for other things, like gardening.

I’m not saying all this to say how good I am or that I did anything spectacular.  The reason for saying this is to show how something you might see as little or unwanted could suddenly become exactly what someone else needs.  Don’t let things keep a hold on  you so much that you miss being able to bless someone else by sharing them.  You may never know how “big” your “little” means to someone else.

Mar 142012


It is official.  I took the plunge and scheduled a tea for next week with a few friends.  I have only been to a tea once, so I’m not exactly sure what I need to plan.  Any suggestions?

Okay, this is a small diverance from gardening realated topics, though in my defence this is in preparation for a Garden Tea bridal shower.  So, see.  It is related.

I decided the best way to test out new recipes was to, well, test them out.  My friends were more than willing to be a part of this.  As an added benefit, as if it were needed, I will be meeting a new friend at this tea.  This particular gal is a friend of one of the other ladies and moving to our area.  What a great way to meet and get to know each other.

As of now here is what I am planning:  almond biscotti, cranberry-orange scone, heavenly scone, pumpkin scone, finger sandwiches, and fruit (one of the friends is bringing this I believe).  Yes, it is a bit heavy on the scones, but I am trying to figure out if three types are too many, if any of the recipes are ones I don’t really like, or if this is a good assortment.  I think there is a fourth recipes I have, but I cann’t remember off the top of my head.

As far as tea, since everyone has their own particulars I plan on setting out an assortment of black tea, rooibos tea, mandarin orange chamomile tea, and vanilla honey chamomile tea.  I will need to look through my cabinets to see if I may have some random others.  One of the friends coming may bring some of her’s also, if I ask her, as she has more of a fruity taste preference than I do.

When I get it all made and recipes figured out I’ll be sure to share it with you all.  I’ll also come back and link to the recipes that I have gotten from online.

As a side note, this is a small step in me working towards my yearly goal of practicing hospitality more.  At least if it totally crashes, it is just for some friends who are more than gracious in encouragement.