Dec 012014

Storynory has a free audio story about Herod The Great.

This 14 minute story covers the history of this ruler, not just his role in Jesus’ birth story.  With the Christmas season beginning, we often hear about Jesus’ birth but not much else about that time period.  This story helps to fill in some of the details of the time and further along in the story of Jesus’ life.

This would also be a good story to use as a supplement to history of this time period.

Below the story is a narrative of the time, giving details and connections to other people and events that were going on.

The content seems best suited for older elementary kids and up.  There is nothing inappropriate for younger listeners, but the content may go over their heads a bit.



Sep 092014

Free E-Book of Superfood Breakfast Recipes


Good morning, my wonderful Readers!  I opened my inbox this morning to find this wonderful deal, a FREE ebook containing 10 Superfood Breakfast Recipes.  As you know, I love trying new recipes.  Breakfast is not often a meal I try new recipes for, as we have gotten into a groove.  For Raspeberry Coconut Quinoa, though, I will probably make an exception.  🙂

  • Gluten-free
  • Refined sugar-free
  • Vegan-friendly

And delicious, too boot.  What more could you ask for?

To get these recipes, click 10 Superfood Breakfast Recipes and enter your email address.  That’s it. Simple and easy.

Have a great morning!


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Sep 032014

Storynory has a free audio story available –Aponibolinayen and the Healing Oranges

As hard as it might be to harvest or gather fruit, I am pretty sure it has never been this hard for me.  Flies, mosquitoes, cranky kids, balancing on the bed of a truck … it all looks easy compared to what this husband did for his wife.  Not sure I have come across fruit that would be worth this much trouble to attain.

Sep 202012

Here are some ebooks that are currently $0.00 on Amazon right now.  Click on the links below each picture to be taken to the page where you can download a digital version of the book.  Before purchasing the books, please double check the price to make sure it has not changed.

I do not own a Kindle, but am able to read these on my computer.  Go here to download the free application that will allow you to do the same.

The Botanical Magazine Vol. 7 or, Flower-Garden Displayed 

The Personal Life of David Livingstone Chiefly from his Unpublished Journals and Correspondence in the Possession of His Family

Making a Garden of Perennials

The Melody of Earth An Anthology of Garden and Nature Poems From Present-Day Poets


The Field and Garden Vegetables of America Containing Full Descriptions of Nearly Eleven Hundred Species and Varietes; With Directions for Propagation,Culture and Use.


Sep 192012

Sorry for the late post and short notice on this one.  I just came across it while looking at another site and wanted to share it with anyone who may still be on tonight.

Heavenly Homemakers Guide to Canning and Preserving ebook is available for free right now!  This great deal is only good tonight, Wednesday the 19th.  After today, the ebook will still be available, just not for $0.00.

Hope you are able to gain some more knowledge or insight from this book.  I plan on reading through it later.  Right now I think I would feel a bit guilty reading about canning and preserving when I have bell peppers and tomatoes that need taken care of.  Then again, a few pages couldn’t hurt, right?