Mar 282016

2 snowy seats and table

Recently I shared 3 projects I would love to make for my garden from wood pallets.  While searching for idea, I came across a few more that would work great for the yard.  These are also projects in which I can involve the kids. 

How about this great porch swing, but turned into a tree swing? I know the perfect limb ….

A shelf to tuck in along a porch corner? Sold. Finding furniture I can leave out rain or shine, or snow, is hard to find. The screened in section of our porch is usually protected, but still is prone to moisture and lots of wind.  There is a section of wall perfect for a shelving unit. It would be a great place to store outside toys, games, and items for entertaining. A much better idea than the low table we currently have which has become a dumping ground.  This is also a project that could be worked on at any point in the year.

I am really liking the idea of this Ottoman for the porch. It would fulfil various needs as time arose – storage for toys or cushions, an extra seat, IR an ottoman. There is the slight detail that this is made from a crate instead if a pallet, but it is a great idea to go from.

Mar 282015

For those who are in an area still under snow, in the messy transition I call The Mud Month, or who need something to help them get to their Happy Place, I though I would share a few recent things I have read from across the web.  These are items that I thought were interesting, taught me something, or are things I would like to try.

Speaking of Happy Place:

Bonni L. Grant talks about – Antidepressant Microbes In Soil: How Dirt Makes You Happy – After reading the article I summed it up for my husband, then suggested I just roll the boys in dirt every day to help with their moods.  He laughed but then said, “Um, no.”  Jack overheard and thought it was a GREAT idea.  As I am more okay with them being dirty, with actual dirt, I foresee the summer being one where they are ‘tan’ from dirt during the day and sparkling white at night.  Would we be able to eliminate sunscreen if we did this?


Roeshel, at DIY Show Off, has a tutorial for a Free Standing Pallet Herb Garden.  With extra pallets around the yard right now and a deck that gets either full or partial shade, I know a project that will be happening soon.  Even if I did not already have the pallets around, I have heard of a source of free pallets in Big Town that I could stop by and obtain some from.  If the shad garden ever gets finished started, I will also already have landscaping fabric to use.  Perfect timing.

It also seems like something Jack could help with.  I am looking for a few things I can get Jack and George interested in making and potentially selling.  This seems like something they could handle, with help.

Jessica, at 104 Homestead, has some Low Cost & No Cost Trellis Ideas.  I love trellises, though am never sure where to put them.  As I think around my hard I realize there are a few places that these could be use – a corner where our phone line comes in underground, in front of our air conditioner, in front of some ugly basement windows, etc.

DIY Adirondack chairs

This (sorta) Old Life has a DIY Adirondack Chair Tutorial, giving 8 steps to show you how to make the chair.  I know it may jinx me to say this, but this project seems like you could make a set of chairs, or a few more, in one day.  Not sure if you were going to paint and stain, that would take longer, but I think they would at least be constructed.

Tomatoes in quart containers

IFAS researchers produce three new tomato breeds.  It only took about $25 Million and 25-years.  These are not even the finished varieties that we will see, once they come out.  I appreciate all the work that went into this, but wonder what prompted the need.  For that kind of money, I would think it was more than getting a better tasting tomato.

The United States is not the only place where new hybrids are being introduced.  Kenyan farmers will benefit from “New tomato breeds released for outdoors and greenhouses.”  The price and time frame for these hybrids being created and reproduced was not noted.  What was shared were the advantages of each.  For farmers who may already be struggling, these new characteristics will be very helpful.”{The Tyika} gives an extra 2 to 3 months of harvest compared to Anna F1. It is also more resistant to yellow leaf curl and mosaic viruses, grey leaf spot, root rot and nematodes.” and “In addition, “it’s sweeter and less acidic,” adds Soren Vester of Sygenta East Africa the company that released the breeds, and Tylka F1’s fruit size can weigh 130 grams compared to the weight of an Anna F1 fruit that reaches 120 grams.”

Oct 212012

Decorating has never been one of my strong suits.  I try, but will never win an award for it.  That is okay though.  It is also not high on my priority list.  Thankfully, my husband also agrees, though he has a stronger desire for it than I.

Take the current season for example.  My decorations in front of our house include two pumpkins and a wreath.  Actually, the weather is made up of fake evergreens in the shape of a heart with a dark red ribbon.  It really doesn’t look too bad and goes with the house fairly well.  I think it is from last Christmas or Valentines Day.  (No, I don’t change decor very often.  You caught that did you?)  The pumpkins are sitting on each side of our entry way steps, one on each side.  I would have mums out there too, except they didn’t do too well in that area and began to look very bad.  And that, readers, is my decorating for fall.

Last year I used several different specialty pumpkins I had and stacked them.  I liked the look of them, though something seemed to be missing.  Perhaps it was the scale that was off.  A stack of pumpkins on each side of my steps just did not create the impact that I had hoped.  They looked small sitting next to the house.

Something that has caught my attention, and I’ve been meaning to do, is adding something to the pumpkins.  We don’t decorate for Halloween, so no Jack-o-Lanterns.  Perhaps instead something that can last until Thanksgiving.  Maybe adding our initials to the pumpkin.  Or even painting it first, then adding the initials.  I thought about even just painting it with a stencil or pretty color (think white with line spray of gold).  These don’t seem like hard projects, just that I’ve never done it before.

If you do create a Jack-o-Lantern, one idea that I thought was neat was using glow sticks inside them.  Imagine a while pumpkin, either painted or naturally white, with green glowing eyes.  Just break the stick and put it into the pumpkin at night.  The green/yellow/pink glow will give it something extra.

Have you tried painting pumpkin?  Any suggestion?

How have you decorated for the fall?  If you have something you are really proud of, share it.  If you like I will even post it so we can all enjoy your decorating talent.