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Herbs are a great and simple addition to any garden, even this one build for children to explore.  Their various shapes, colors, patterns, textures, and scents all add fun variety without much extra effort.

For those varieties which tend to spread, burying a pot to plant them in often works well.  These pots can either be chosen for their abilities to blend in or stand out.  Imagine if, in the photo above, the post were a bright red or blue.  The burst of color would add visual interest early in the season when the plants may still be on the smaller side.

To help balance out the green of the herbs and attract more insects, various flowers were included in this corner of the garden.  Lest you think herbs have no value in the insect world, you may be surprised to find they actually play a role in helping deter certain pest insects or attracting caterpillars in various stops along the way to becoming a butterfly.  Do not let their homely colors full you into thinking they do not play a major role in the stage that is called your garden.

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Oct 112012

Looking for some weekend reading? Yes, I know it is only Thursday.  However, it is never too early to plan ahead.

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Butterflies – Making a Butterfly Garden

Jun 052012

Last week I shared pictures with you of a trip I took to the Desert Botanical Garden near Phoenix.  I thought I would share more, except this time of butterflies we saw there.  They had a tent where you could go an see butterflies.  Many of these insects only live for a few days to a few weeks.  At first I did not see a lot of them flying around.  However, once I knew what to look for I could not believe how many you could have in such a small space.  We all had to watch where we walked and were checked for hitchhikers before we left.

Here was a display of the different butterflies to be seen:

They had put out slices of oranges for the butterflies to drink.  Not only was it a liquid but it also has sugar to give the butterflies energy.

Here is an upclose picture of a Zebra Longwing:

Upclose it looks as if all the stripes would make the butterfly stand out.  In the photo below, how many can you find? (click on the photo to make it larger and easier to see)

I’ll get a bit closer to help:

Turns out the stripes really help camouflage the butterflies when they are on a bush.  It is hard to tell if they are rays of light and shadows of if they really are insects.

And now, evidence of why they check for hitchhikers.  This one landed on my husband’s shirt as we were getting ready to go.  He couldn’t even feel it and would not have known if I hadn’t told him to sit still.