Apr 162017
Alexander Hamilton's Guide To Life - Review and Giveaway

Life has been a bit crazy lately. Okay, a lot crazy. When I received Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life by Jeff Wilser to review, I thought, “Great! That is exactly what I need.  I can use some life tips from someone successful.  Alexander Hamilton fits the bill!”  (Yes, pun intended.) At over 300 pages, I set […]

Apr 132017
Milk it as much as you can...

Well, I’m back. I think. In case you stopped by earlier this week (or last) and saw the posts, they were ones already scheduled to post.  I felt kind of like an impostor, telling you I was not going to be here, then having a few things planned to go up anyway.  Hopefully you were […]

Apr 102017
Monthly Reminder: turn your compost pile

  Regular turning of your compost pile is one of those garden jobs that often is forgotten.  Turning your pile over does several things: Mixes the new items you have added to your pile with your older items. Allows air to get to items that may previously have not had it. Discourages pesky insects (gnats, flies, mosquitoes, […]

Apr 102017
Get $15-$25 In Credit With Schoola!

To raise Tax Day spirits, Schoola is offering an early “return” at Schoola! April 10th through April 15th, buy 4 items and receive $15 in Schoola credit or buy 8 items and receive $25 in Schoola credit. It doesn’t end there! They are also offering See You In The Garden readers 40% off their order with code GET40. […]