Myself, My Family and The Garden (About Me)

I am a wife who has ventured into 4 different hardiness zones with her husband; 3 of which I had a garden of some sort in.  I am also a mother, Christian, and lover of nature. Currently we live in Small Town and garden mainly with raised beds and containers.  Over the years I have used both heirloom and non-heirloom seeds.  I am not a starch advocate of either, but know they each have their benefits and weaknesses.

My friend and I have a small roadside stand in the summer months, sharing our excess with neighbors and those who may drive past.  I also try to put up as much produce each fall as life allows me and look forward to trying something new each year.

A few years ago we began the journey of being foster parents.  Since then several kids have come and gone, and a few have stayed.  While I do not define myself as a Foster Mom, it is what I am at times and has had more effect upon my gardening than I ever thought.  It has been a process of personal growth, growth and trial in our marriage, learning I am not always in control, admitting to God that I CANNOT do it all, and learning to lean on Him.  We continue on this journey one day at a time, never sure what the next step will bring or when.

Many different things and methods have been tried in my gardens over the years.  Some worked, some didn’t and some I laughed at myself for trying. A few years I had a large community garden plot full of weeds because it had sat empty for several years prior.  Other times I had a small garden in a backyard of a home in a new development. (That garden the dog ate.  Literally.) I have now settled upon what works for us right now, where we are.  Come join me on the journey and we’ll see where we end up.  I will see you in the garden.


My family is a big part of who I am and the way I garden.  As such, I though I would share a bit about them, so you too could get to know them better.

My Family:

Husband – my biggest supporter of “playing in the dirt”, even when things don’t turn out right.  As long as I grow tomatoes, he is happy to be oblivious about the rest.  Though he won’t let me replace all our grass with raised beds, he did allow me to remove landscaping trees in order to plant berry bushes.  I love this man.

George – our gentle one, who would become Dr. Doolittle if we gave him the opportunity.  He has never met a stranger and is more social than this introverted Mama is sometimes comfortable with.  He is also persistent and a talker, by the grace of God, and will make sure you understand what he is trying to tell you, even if it takes several times.

Jack – the risk-taker who doesn’t believe what others tell him until he tries it for himself. Don’t let him fool you, though, he really has a tender heart. He is my greatest helper with gardening or other related things.  This kid is a do-er, whose hands are best kept busy.  He loves being at home and around friends.

Last of all, there is me, Rosie.  If possible I would be two people – one outside all the time gardening or enjoying nature, the other inside baking and quilting.  Since that isn’t possible, and life requires other things like laundry, I try to balance all there is I want to do in a day with the things that need to be done.  I don’t always get there, often I fail, but I keep trying and slowly I make progress.

Other Characters:

Olaf (Our Little Adorable Friend) – this little guy is here part days several days a week.  He is full of energy and doesn’t let his pint size keep him down.  His propensity to get into things would be hard to deal with if he wasn’t just so cute and polite with his words.

Simonour foster son.  He is patient, obedient and, at first, quiet, taking everything in as he watches those around him.  Once he is comfortable with the situation, his silly, energetic, boy side comes out.  He left after a short time with us, but is still in our thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know more about us.   It is always great to meet new friends, so leave a comment and help me get to know you a bit better.

buckeye seedling

“You will end up killing a 1,000 seedlings before you learn how to properly plant one.” – said by someone with more years of experience than me.

He was right.

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  1. Live Oak is the Georgia state tree!We have a large Tulip Popular in our front yard on the edge of the woods and creek bed. I find sprouts in the woods at times. When our nbghieor finds them in his woods, he takes them out of the ground and pots them and passes them along to others. Tina, dont worry, I will not do you any favors on that one! LOL….

    1. Mila, I haven’t thought of live oaks in a few years. You are right, they are an awesome tree. I just had a flashback of their leaves and some nice old ones in a park where I use to work. Thanks for reminding me of the memories.

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