Day At Home

A day at home unexpectedly, where my husband is also home.  This meant one thing in my book -time to organize and clean out the basement.  Well, at least the main areas.

IMG_20150201_115423396This has become the dumping ground for toys being switched out, remains from the produce stand last Fall, emptied canning jars, leftover party items, etc.  It all adds up to chaos, which equals stress for me.  I do not need more stress.

Working with George, it took about two hours to put 40 lbs. of bananas in the freezer, clear up some recycling, remove tags off chairs we got at a local Habitat ReStore, and clear out this space (it is behind the picture above, on the other side of the work bench).  Totes of canning jars are filled and stacked, trash tossed, extra shelving put along the wall, bags of ‘toy stuff’ put or thrown away, and in general things picked up.

There is now space to walk, where before you would knock something over.


There is still a long way to go, but I am feeling so much more motivated to keep going.  It is easier to keep momentum going than it is to begin from a standstill.