Win Some, Lose Some

Usually taking time away from the computer, even if it was unplanned, is a good thing.  Today, however, I realized that I missed out on two really good things.  Then checking my email (after not looking at it all week) I found that I had missed out on something else.

So what did I miss by taking time away?

1. A money earning opportunity by being involved in an online discussion. (I was registered to do it, but just forgot about it.)

2. Getting a free 8×10 photo from Walgreen’s – I remembered several times yesterday, but never when I could do much about it.

3. The fact that I won a giveaway I signed up for.  And this was something the whole household would have liked.  Though nothing large and grand like a car, we all would have still really enjoyed it.


So what was I doing this week instead?

1. Menu planning for this month and next month.  Also got some of the rest of the year filled in.

2. Getting my house back in order from ignoring it last week to can up 27 quarts of beets.  Yes, I know I still need to post photos.

3. Started processing quarts upon quarts of strawberries I got today.  Because after all, my house is now back in order right?  I plan on freezing these, mainly, and making jam at a later date.

4. Taking care of some minor details around the house.  Double checking doctors appointments, finding local maple syrup producers, looking up contractors for a large upcoming home improvement project, etc.


Lessons learned:

1. Put it on the calendar!  I have a great one for this and usually put everything on there.  Not sure why I didn’t add the online discussion today to it.

2. I need a better system to keep track of giveaways I have entered.

3. If there is something I want to do (such as order a free picture, and I like Walgreen’s for photos) then I should do it right away and not wait.

I’m still kicking myself for forgetting about the first three things though.  Well, life goes on.  Right?  And in the end, I’ll have some homemade strawberry jam.