Putting Together Homemade Potpourri Gifts

homemade potpourri collage

Before the Christmas Holiday, our local MOPS group put together “Thank You” baskets for the volunteers who watch our kids during out monthly meetings.  This year, in addition to dozens of cookies given to each volunteer, they also received a jar of homemade potpourri with a tag and a card.

This was a quick and easy activity to do, and something that did not have to be perfect.  Some jars ended up with more cranberries, while others had extra orange slices.  In the end, one of the moms went back and topped off all the jars with the remaining ingredients.  So, think of the recipe as a guideline more than a set of rules.  🙂

After the jars were filled, they were topped with a piece of cloth and the instructions, printed on the tags shown above, were tied on using colored ribbon.

While the holiday season is past, winter is still here and a great time to add something like this to your home.  There is also another holiday approaching where your kids, or you, may be looking to give a gift, but are not wanting to spend a lot of money.  This would be a great personalized gift to give to a teacher or other person in your life.

Here are a few recipes if you are looking for ideas:

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While most of the recipes are based around winter scents – evergreens, cinnamon, etc. – there are a few that were based on others.  The last link above (Fragrant Home) included a “Winter Freshener” recipes, as well as one that has vanilla and oranges.  The grapefruit, rosemary and vanilla recipe would also be a good one to try at various times during the year.

What are some of your favorite scents to use in your home?