It was only one day, but what a beauty it was


There was one day a few weeks ago, where every thing went perfect during the day, kid wise.  So perfect in fact that I almost literally pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming.  Then realized if I was, I would not want to wake up just yet.

We made it through the whole day with NO arguing, NO frustration, NO whining, NO having to give myself a break due to my patience being tested, NO breaks given to little boys who think they are the parent, NO breaks given to little boys who think their needs supersede those of everyone else on this planet, NO slamming of doors or throwing of toys, NO having to take little boys from the house not fully dressed because time really does not stop just because you don’t feel like doing your morning routine and want to do (insert non-productive action) instead.

Everything was finished with smiles and laughter and excitement.  Even the act of getting dressed did not cause attitudes of defiance to appear.  It was early afternoon when I turned to said little boy and told him how much I had enjoyed spending the day with him, how he had made my day so much easier and what a delight it was.  It was at this point that I realized this must be what it is like to have non-traumatized kids.

Then the day turned to evening and we added in another boy who was having trouble staying regulated in his emotions and things went back to normal.

That might sound a bit depressing, and it was at first.  However, about 10 seconds later I realized that if we had one day where this happened, then it is possible to have it happen again.

This is what we are working towards.  If you happen to think of us,we would appreciate your prayers for this area of our lives.