My Bible for Preschoolers – Part 2

I originally posted a review of this book, but did not include any details about what I planned to do with it, or even what the stories inside were about.  There was just too much for one post.  Here is the second part of that review, the more practical and active part.  This is as much a place for me to record the sources I want to use, as well as a place for me to share with others in case they are looking to do something similar.

Each story title is listed, followed by links or notes about optional activities or crafts that go along with the story or theme.

  1.  God Makes Everything – creation coloring pages, walk around neighborhood looking for things God has made, song: “God Made the Big Round Sun”
  2. One Good Man – a basic ark picture, Noah with animals, ark, and rainbow coloring page, trip to the zoo or get out animals, a boat and some water to reenact the story of Noah
  3. A Very Tall Building – coloring page, build towers with blocks or Lego’s, view movies in different languages or using foreign words for common every day objects (to demonstrate how confusing it may have been)
  4. Can You Number the Stars – coloring page of stars, star gazing
  5. No One Has a Coat Like Joseph – watched “Joseph: King of Dreams” on Netflix
  6. Moses Is the Leader – Plauges coloring page
  7. A City Falls Down – walls falling down coloring page, played “Jericho” in the garage with boxes, cups … basically anything I could find and an odd assortment of kid instruments and music makers … they like “knocking” the walls down … not sure if the point actually got across though
  8. The Strongest Man – carrying city gate coloring page, fighting a lion coloring page
  9. Ruth Meets Boaz – gleaning in the fields coloring page
  10. Hannah Has a Baby – praying for a child coloring page, holding the hand of a child coloring page
  11. Who Will Fight the Giant? – basic coloring page (David with sling and Goliath)
  12. Best Friends – two … playing in the garden coloring page (I know the picture says girls, but I think they could pass for boys)
  13. The Golden Temple – a basic King Solomon coloring page
  14. Elijah’s God Is Your God – offering on fire coloring page
  15. Horses of Fire – chariot in the air coloring page
  16. Jonah Learns the Hard Way – praying inside a whale coloring page, watch “Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie”, watch a video of whales in the ocean (it is hard to understand being swallowed by a big fish if you don’t know what one looks like)
  17. How Old Is King Josiah? – coloring page, make crowns to wear
  18. The Lions Are Hungry –   read “Dinner In the Lions Den” it may not be theologically accurate, but it is funny; watch “Veggie Tales Classics: Where’s God When ….?” or “Veggie Tales: Lions, Shepherds and Queens”; listen to an MP3 version of the story of Daniel, coloring pages
  19. Esther Gives A Party – Esther praying coloring page, make a ‘banquet’ for lunch, watch “Veggie Tales: Esther, listen to an MP3 of the story of Esther
  20. Nehemiah Builds A Wall – Building a wall coloring page, build a wall with legos
  21. An Angel Came One Day – Zechariah Can’t Talk coloring page, try to not talk for 5 minutes, do an activity without talking (how hard was it?)
  22. He Was Born in a Barn – coloring page (front 2D view of stable with angels, manger, shepherds, etc.)
  23. They Follow a Star – single star coloring page
  24. When Jesus Was Twelve – “Jesus with the teachers in the temple” coloring page
  25. Come to the River – coloring page
  26. Only Jesus Can Do That! – coloring page (healing of lepers)
  27. Love Each  Other – Good Samaritan coloring page, Jesus loves children coloring page
  28. Up a Tree – Zacchaeus coloring page
  29. Hosanna! – (Didn’t print a coloring page, just read the story.)
  30. Jesus Says Goodbye, for Now –
  31. Nighttime at Noon – (I couldn’t find a coloring page I liked)
  32. Jesus Lives Forever –
  33. Let’s Follow the Wind –
  34. Saul Can’t See –
  35. Peter and Dorcas –
  36. Peter and the Angel –
  37. The Color of a King –
  38. The Adventures of Paul –
  39. The City of Gold –,
  40. Jesus is Coming Again –
  41. The Twenty-third Psalm –,
  42. The Lord’s Prayer – (my favorite, praying hands with no words

A website with links to many free coloring pages, some linked above: Old Testament, New Testament.

Coloring page of Paul’s journeys.  This was just something extra to do.


Update #1 – July 1, 2012: We have been doing this for most of the summer, or so it seems.  We are currently on Story #17.  There have been a few stories that we went back an repeated.  Also, we take the weekends and other days off as the schedule or attitudes call for.  We are definitely not as far along as I thought we would be by this point.  We are about a week behind where I wanted to be.  Since there is no set deadline, I’m not stressed out about this fact.

Some things I have learned are:

  1. If we take off several days, the coloring improves greatly.  It seems like the kids just aren’t into coloring.  It has gotten better though.  When they scribble during other times, it seems more controlled and focused.  Perhaps even a little each day is enough to improve noticeably at other times?
  2. They also seem to be less distracted and more likely to color if the pictures are basic, with not a lot of detail or background imagery.  That is why some of the linked pictures above are not the most elaborate of examples.

Also, I have linked to a few MP3’s from Amazon; these are not affiliate links.  I also used some free MP3 credits to purchase those stories.  I thought it might be a different way for the kids to hear the story.  Perhaps you have a kids who is more of an auditory learner who will benefit from these.  Either way, hearing the story once more is never a bad thing.

Update #2 – August 9, 2012 – I skipped a few days of coloring, because I didn’t think they were into it.  Well, apparently I was wrong because it was asked about and I was reminded to “find pictures for tomorrow”.  It was said so matter of fact and in a great tone that all I could do was hide my smile and say I would.

We have added in learning some new songs and the books of the Bible.  We are currently learning the New Testament ones.  The songs were because I realized they didn’t know a lot of the ones I had learned growing up and also they like to sing. I tried adding in memory verses, but they just were not into that.  However, if I can find ones that are set to song, then we can also work on that goal.

Learning the books was something I had hoped to do but hadn’t gotten around to.  While sitting in children’s church (held during the sermon at our church) I realized they were working on it there.  At that time they had only learned the first 4 or 5.  I was amazed to hear the oldest one remember them later that week.  Since he already knew those, we just kept going.  We take turns saying the ones we have already learned, learn a new one (one or two per week), then sing the song that I know which goes with them.

My hope is that they will know all the books of the Bible by the end of the year.  It seems like such a large goal to me, but one I think we can achieve.  8 books have already been learned, which leaves 58.  That works out to 2.9  per week.  It does help that there are books like 1&2 Corithians or 1&2&3 John.  Not only do we put these to song, after everyone repeating them (and others hearing them multiple times), but actions as well.  The shovel and pail drum has been known to make its appearance during the second or third round of singing the song.


Do you (or, at this point, did you) have plans to do something similar over the summer?  What activities do you like to do over the summer?  How about for Fall? I think I know what we will be doing next.  This time I will take more time to plan it out ahead of time.  I like having a plan.