The Shepherd of the Hills {Book Review}

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The Shepherd of the Hills by Harold Bell Wright was a book another blogger had posted as being a free Kindle book and who’s title made me curious.  It is not often I read a book without knowing something of what it was about, but I took the plunge and tried it.
The first page had me a bit confused and I put it down.  Yup, gave up before passing Page 1. It happens at times.  Many time I trudge through chapters before giving up, or all the way to the end and decide it was a waste of time.  I do not have time to do that now, so I stopped and read another book.
A few weeks later I tried again, this time determining to make it at least to the end of the first chapter before declaring it a book I was not interested in.  This time what I found was completely different.  The story so much caught my attention (after the first page) that I could not put it down.
As the stranger entered the hills, it was obvious he was not from around there.  At first, the people were a bit weary of the stranger with the unknown past, but soon he won his way into their hearts, becoming The Shepherd.  Just as the people of the hills were not sure of him, he was not exactly sure what he was doing there or what he was looking to find.  As time progressed, his former life became only a distant thought … till a friend appeared unexpectedly.
Not only was it a great story, but it also made me reflect on some of my actions.  Do I let my setting restrict myself?  Am I making the excuse of not being able to be happy with where I am because of what might be ‘out there’?  Am I making judgments about people without actually knowing them?  While this is not a devotional or religious book by any means, it is a great story that develops its characters and draws you in.
Once to the end of the book, I took a look at the beginning of the book, including when it was published.  1907!!  That’s right, this book is over 100 years old.  Never would I have guess it, as the language was timeless. The plot seems fairly simple in the beginning, but Harold Wright did a fanatstic job of unfolding it as the pages progressed.  In the end you have a complex, full-bodies story that would be a best seller today.
The Shepherd of the Hills has also been the basis for several films and a television movie, as well as an outdoor play.  (This I found out only after reading the book.)