How We Saved $154 This Week – November 8, 2014

Sorry about the unfinished look of this post.  I started it, scheduled it to post on the blog, then did not get the opportunity to come back and fill in some of the blanks.  

croissant breakfast

Here is part of a post started last week, but never published:

~ Ordered a new variety of croussants.  Old version cost $150 for just under $150.  New variety cost about $100 for 96.  – saved $50

~ Every year we look at our insurances and compare prices.  We used to do this ourselves, then decided to try a different route a few years ago and contacted an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP).  We have been happy with the service we have received and would recommend our agent to anyone looking for someone.  I have directed several people to Dave Ramsey’s website to search for an ELP in their area when they mention looking for insurance or complain about how much it costs them.  Our agent searches several different companies each year for us, then come back with the best quote.

This most recent search for insurance came back with the best rate being one that renewed every 6 months.   Paid car insurance in full.  If we had paid installment is would have cost an installment fee as well as a higher price overall.  – saved $100

This same agent has also been very helpful when thinking about insurance needs and changes for our home remodel.  It is nice to have someone who has had experience dealing with remodeling and insurance before, as well as someone who will talk to the insurance company for you.

Now, for this week:

After talking about overspending on our grocery budget last month, I feel a bit hypocritical about this first savings.  I had to do grocery shopping to do it.  This time, however, I stuck to the plan of getting only what I went in for:

  • 1 lb light brown sugar – on sale, $1
  • 1 lb dark brown sugar – on sale, $1
  • 1 lb confectioners sugar – on sale, $1

Used store coupon for “$3 off baking items”, making the above items free

  • 1 loaf bread – on sale, $1.09
  • 1 bag candy – on sale $1
  • 2 boxes whole wheat pasta – on sale $1 each, $2

Was able to use a $1 off loaf of bread, $1 off bag of candy and $1 off 2 boxes of whole wheat pasta coupons from Snap.

  • Total = $4 plus tax, with $3 back in my Snap account – saved $6

clearance finds clothes

George grew out of his new shoes, again.  The pair he had been wearing were bought new, on mark down, for $5.  The pair I gave him out of our shoe bin were from a garage sale or second hand store and cost about $2.  Compared to a new pair of shoes at $20, we just saved $18 by looking ahead and being willing to get something still in good shape from someone who no longer needed it. – saved about $18

(the above photo does not shoe the shoes I mentioned, but gives 3 examples of ones they used in the past year or two, as well as some clothes I found for them.  I learned that one pair of shoes I really did not like the design of and will never buy again.  Glad I learned that lesson for $1 rather than $10 or $20.)


Fixed a leaking toilet without needing to buy new parts – I stopped in at the local hardware store looking to replace part of the ‘insides’ to one of our toilet tanks.  This particular toilet has been running non-stoop if left on its own.  Since it is in the second, rarely used bathroom, I just turned the water off.  That worked fine for me, but not the best situation for some guests we are having up this weekend.  When I mentioned to the guy at the store my issue he suggested trying something that required just a few minutes of my time but no new parts.  The workers here are so helpful that this is one of my favorite stores to go to.  Problem solved, money saved.  – saved $10 – $20

My dishwasher’s door was sticking, making it hard to open.  I looked, but found nothing wrong with it.  What I did see was some food inside the latch and around the seal.  A wet q-tip fit into the lock and around the latch.  Perfect.  2 minutes later, my dishwasher was a bit cleaner and opening without any issues.  This is the same dishwasher we figured out how to reset last year so it would work again.  I really do not want to buy a new dishwasher so soon after having bought this one. – saved $20 maintenance call  The door is still sticking so I’ll have to do a bit more looking to find a solution.


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