Update On Life Here In The Garden

1414078687005-5129581927 DAYS!?!?  I can’t believe it has been that long since I last posted, though it does not surprise me much.  After a relatively empty summer calendar wise, this past week has been full of activities that have required my attention, took all day, apples, or kids needing more attention.  Basically, life.

Pictures have been taken, but not posted.  Meal plans followed, but not shared.  Plans made to come on here, but no follow through.  I have gone to bed at 8:30 several evenings, knowing that I was too tired to make it even another half hour.

This week we decided to bring the produce stand to an end.  All the remaining produce and fall items were rearranged, displayed and marked down.  I had thoughts of posting it on our local online For Sale group’s page, but was unable to get to it the first day.  Turns out it was not needed.  After the first day we had sold about half of the remaining items.  Just now we were able to condense items into about half of the containers and table space we began with yesterday.  There were several very happy customers and several others who couldn’t believe the low prices.

There comes a point in the season when we are just tired of dealing with the garden, the produce, and the earlier sunsets meaning we have to put the stand up at dinner time (not exactly convenient).  We have found in years past, that once the end of October passes, customers slow stop coming by the stand.  Maybe it is the cooler weather or their lives getting a bit busier, just like ours.  Whatever the reason, by the end of October the natural end to this year’s produce stand takes place.  In a way it is sad.  In a way I am happy it did as well as it has and am ready to  move into a month of a break from thinking about the garden.  Well, that is not exactly true, but I like to tell myself that for at least a week.  🙂

Now I have to run and pick up some kids.  After which point I am trying to decide between an hour or so of yard work or spending time inside letting them finish up a craft job.  With the growing cloudiness and dim light I am thinking it might rain.  An inside craft sounds good.  And they will be thrilled to get to paint and finished it up.  I will take pictures and may even share them.  Eventually.  🙂

Have a great evening.

large white pumpkin at stand

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