Lilies With Benefits

Day Lilly 2 collageLilies always make me smile.  The variety seems endless – colors, double or single, ruffled or not.  The impact of color from a large planting can be used as a focal point or an accent.  Even better when the large planting is of perennials; less work in the Spring.

The planting above is on a hill side, above a stream.  Sidewalks surround it on three sides, with a lot of foot traffic at various time throughout the day.  If this area was planted in grass, then it would be difficult to keep the grass growing due to people taking ‘shortcuts’ through the grass.  Having this area in flowers not only avoids mowing issues, but also deters pedestrians from taking short cuts.

I am of the opinion that landscaping should provide more than one benefit.  Usually I like ones of those benefits to be edible.  In this case, however, I think planting the lilies was the right choice for the location.