Decluttering Your House Can Help You Be A Better Gardener

Note: I know several of my posts recently have not had to do with gardening exactly.  However, I find there to be more to a garden than just the plants, and more things affect gardening than just the weather.  This morning for example I felt free to be in the garden, or rather planting cucumber that were hung near it, because I knew that my house was in decent shape.  Beds were made, dishes were done, the kitchen counter was basically clutter free and a load of laundry was started.  Toys were decently picked up and the trash was not over flowing.  Having a morning outside in the garden allowed me to be more relaxed at lunch and nap time.  This in turn resulted in one of the easiest nap times I’ve had recently.  Now to go back out to do more gardening.  If I can get it all prepped right, then I can garden while the kids ride their bikes in the side yard.  It is all interconnected.

Recently on a local radio show there was a guest talking about gardening.  It was a good program that was at the basic level.  No complicated topics were talked about, just how to start a basic garden or what to do if you didn’t have room for a garden.

One of the questions asked was, “Should I start a garden?”  The answer to this was not quite what I would have thought of.  Thinking on it further, though, I thought it was a great response.  The gist was that if your  house is not clean, then you should not have a garden.  The reason?  If you can’t keep your house picked up, what then would make you want to go out and keep a garden watered, weeded, and harvested?  Now, I unfortunately don’t remember which radio show this was on.  If you however happen to know, please leave a comment and tell me.

At the same time, Money Saving Mom was doing a series called “4 Weeks to a More Organized Home“.  Now, I didn’t participate at that time, but I was seeing these posts almost daily.  It was bound to have an effect. Part of the daily assignments was decluttering 7 items.

Between the two of these, I got the urge to finally declutter some things around the house.  Something also happened in my life that finally allowed me to declutter a section of stuff that, up until that time, I had been required to hang onto.  Last week felt great.  My goal had been 7 items for 7 days.  I didn’t make it 7 days but went well above the 7 items each day.  Here is a bit of what I was able to get rid of.

Day 1

A pile of 7 shirts, two books and an old suitcase that is starting to tear where the handles attach to the body.

Day 2

3 books and a pile of kids clothes

Day 3

A pair of roller blades (that look new and barely used), a pile of old belts, two fake tattoos, a book, two dresses and two shirts, and a well loved old truck.

Day 4

Day 4 was by far the largest and took the most time.  However I felt the lightest afterwards.  Pictured are 38 pieces of clothing and a rubber mop/sweeper/scrubber item (an extra to one we already have).  Not pictured are the paper bags (2.5) of clothing I plan on taking to the consignment store to see if they can try to sell.  Any items they won’t take will be put into the “yard sale” pile.


I wasn’t able to follow through with 7 days, but it was a start.  Even know I am still seeing items that can be put in either the “to give away”, “to throw away”, “to consign (take to the consignment store)” or the “yard sale” piles.  Okay, the “to throw away” pile is actually the trash can.  The “to give away” pile is the free table out front or my neighbor’s free table.  One of us has one every so often if we have several things to just plain give away.  If it is for someone in particular, they get a paper bag with their name on it and the item(s) for them goes in it.  No hanging about on the shelf.

I plan on keeping up with this.  Already today I saw two things to add to the yard sale pile and two things to take to the consignment store.  Now I just need to put those 4 items in the correct spots and find 3 more.