They Are Getting So Big

This was the scene in my basement at the start of March, two and a half months ago.  An abundance of individual soil packs.  No seedlings yet sprouted.  It actually looked vary bare.  Even more so when I turned on the grow lights.

This was the view on my back deck Friday.  Green.  Beautiful green sprouts.


This includes the handful of vegetable and bedding plants that were headed for the street side stand.  They had been transferred into a bit bigger pots a few days earlier and had acclimated well.  There were a few losses, but that was to be expected.  So far this year the survival rate  has been much, much better than years past.  Not quite sure what it is that I did differently.  I was very happy with the results this year though.  Perhaps I’m just getting a better feel for things – the amount of watering, light, when to put outside, etc.

Now for them to survive planting and the heat.  It suddenly got in the 90’s and there has been a lack of rain so far this year.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m not above knowing when I have been beat and heading to the local hardware store to buy plants.  I think I have enough to outlast that though.  There are over 34 cucumber plants in this mix, for example.  I only need 4.