Recent Gardening Related Blog Reads

With so many aspects of gardening, there is always something new to learn or a skill that can be honed.  In real life I have been blessed to have others around me on gardening journeys of their own, some with decades under their belt and others just starting out.  While we may talk about local weather, solutions for common plant ailments or our favorite varieties to plant, having access to the internet and a group of gardeners from … well, across the globe, adds a more varied dynamic.  There are so many things to learn or discover, I am not sure I will every figure it all out.  And that is okay.

I have come read several blogs posts lately that I wanted to share.  These have either taught me something new or given me a solution to a problem I have dealt with.  My hope is that something here will be of use to you also.

   Jenny @ In The Kitchen With Jenny shares a use for those left over bits of tomato from your canning process – Dehydrating Tomato Skins to Make Tomato Powder.  I always felt bad tossing the skins and bits after putting the tomatoes through the food mill.  Now I have a use for them, and suggestions of how to use the powder.
How to dehydrate onions for long term storage; and a tip for not fumigating yourself in the process.   Deborah @ Growing In His Grace showed me a few ways to make my onion dehydrating process better in her post on Dehydrating Onions.  This is so encouraging, I might even give it another shot.
painted_plate_garden_art  Infarrantly Creative shows a tutorial on Painted Plates Garden Art.  This tutorial stood out to me, mainly because there was no drilling required.  As a mom with highly curious little boys around, no drilling is a good thing.  This is one project I still want to try this year.  Perhaps I’ll turn this into a craft day with some of my friends.  (And here is a discussion about the results of using different glues.)

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While this is technically her webpage and not her blog, The Prudent Homemaker gives a wonderful tour of her edible garden.  This is what I would like to aspire to, though leaving more open spaces for the boys to play.  Knowing this is possible and seeing it done gives me motivation to focus more on the garden and think about the visual appeal as well as practiability.  I also need to start using those unused areas and corners throughout my yard.