Menu Plan and Our Week – August 18, 2014

Weekly Menu Plan May 2013


Hi there.  My name is Rosie.  Welcome to my blog.

🙂  Okay, maybe that was not needed, but even I feel that way.  I can not believe a whole 4 days have passed since I last posted.  And before that  …?  I realize it has been hit and miss here lately, and for that I apologize.  There is a large post I have been working on, and another about “Priorities”.  For now, though, I needed to get this week’s menu posted.  It is amazing how much more likely I am to do it if I also plan to share it with the online world.

What better time to post about our menu plan, than while supper is simmering on the stove?  My goodness does it smell good right now.

These past few weeks I have been trying to use items in my freezer, hoping for a lower grocery bill as well as to make room for new items going into the freezer.  Well, not so sure I lowered my grocery bill.  A trip or two to the discount grocery story can very quickly negate any savings I may have had otherwise.   We are stocked up on some items we have not been for a while.

There was also a surprise “Clearance” find at a higher priced store here in Small Town.  We are stocked up on ice cream till the end of the year. Good thing I made room in the freezer.  🙂

lentil soup with cheddar biscuits 2

This week’s menu was supposed to be solely non-meat dishes, but I ended up finding some ground sausage and a pound of beef chuck in the freezer.  That means there are two meals planned with meat, while the others are mainly non-meat dishes.  We are also going to be gone on Vacation starting Thursday afternoon, which helps in having to come up with ideas.

Due to a schedule change, we ended up having babysitters to watch the kids and no where for us to go.  The activity my husband and I had planned to be out of town for was canceled, but the Grandparents were still scheduled (both had taken time off work already) to come for a few days.  It was decided that we would take the weekend to get away and spend some time together, while the kids still went to school and the Grandparents stayed with them.  As we live several hours, or several plane rides, from Grandparents on either side, this is a rare treat.  George and Jack are excited because not only are Grandpa and Grandma coming, but they are also camping out at a local park.

kitchen garden bed 2 may 6 2014

Today I had an hour between dropping George and Jack off at school and when Olaf came for the morning.  The initial plan was tomake a stop by the bank.  Apparently I was up and about before their normal hours.  Since I was just a block down from the hardware store, I decided to stop there and pick up two small pieces of hardware I have been needing.  Much to my delight the “All Plants 50% OFF” sign on the door had a note on it – “Vegetable Plants FREE“.  I turned around, went outside to see what they had, then went back in to check if the sign was right.

The cashier checked. Sure enough, the vegetable plants were free, “He just wants them gone before it gets too cold.”  I picked up my two small pieces of hardware, and left with 6 parsley plans, 2 egg plants, 4 pots of okra plants (several in each pot), 1 heirloom tomato plant, 6 pepper plants, and 18 cauliflower plants.  I think that was everything.

Also saw a friend as I walked in the second time, and made sure to tell her.  While there I also called another friend (hey, I’m just trying to spread the joy),.  Turns out she didn’t need any more plants herself but had another friend who is tight on money right now and whose garden had been decimated early this spring by geese.   I picked up a few extra plants for this friend of my friend, and she was going to come gets some as well. At this point in the year anything that comes up will be a bonus.  For the price of FREE though, it is worth a try.

Did you follow all that?  🙂

school supplies 2013

I had hoped to start the school year off with not having to point out to Jack’s teacher that he used to be in Foster Care.  Up to a point I succeeded.

When I mentioned an issue we had been having with him, she suggested we needed to just be a bit more firm and make it clear to him that this behavior was not acceptable.  I smiled and thought to myself, “You have no idea what he is dealing with  that is causing this, nor how ‘firm and clear’ we have been.”

What I did do was make a note, on the paper of questions we were to fill out to tell her a bit more about our child, that he was having this issue AND that he had been adopted earlier this year.  I did not mention foster care.  Of course, when she made that comment to me, she had not read the paper yet.  She is also new to the school, so does not know us.

The next morning, when I dropped the boys off for their first day of school, she came up and said in a more understanding way, “I think he will be okay, we’ll figure something out for him.  If it becomes an issues, I’ll let you know.”  Hmm.  I think she read the paper or had a chance to talk to one of the other teachers.

This issue is due to attachment and change in his life, I’m not sure exactly which.  It happened before school started last year, tapered off,  then really picked up this summer when I had different kids come and go for babysitting or as a short-term placement.  Things had gotten worse the week before school started, but the same had happened last year also.  If the pattern repeats like last year, the start of school will actually part a HUGE decline in this issue.  If not, “we’ll figure something out.”

I’m curious to see if this issue will show itself with a younger aged placement.  Simon was only a year younger than Jack.  I did learn that same age as him did not work for babysitting.  He is great with Olaf who is 2.5 years younger than him.  I think we need more of an age gap with our next foster care placement.

premixed shake


  1. Shakes
  2. Cereal, banana
  3. Mushroom/onion/pepper omlette, toast, fruit
  4. Gluten Free Coconut Flour Pancakes
  5. Shakes
  6. Vacation
  7. Vacation


  1. Eat Out
  2. Salad
  3. Beef Bourgugion
  4. Grilled Spice Pork Patties
  5. Leftovers
  6. Vacation
  7. Vacation


  1. Leftovers
  2. Bree’s Lentil-Tomato Soup
  3. Restaurant Quality Crockpot Tomato Soup
  4. Slow Cooker Lentil and Brown Rice Tacos
  5. Vacation
  6. Vacation
  7. Vacation

beef bourginion

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