Jul 182014

close up unfinished new porch swing

When someone asks what gift they can get me, I tend to think along the lines of practical.  While a porch swing may not necessarily be something I NEED, the one we had and spend quite a bit of time on as a family, was falling apart.  My wonderful parents gifted us this swing for Christmas, though it was a bit delayed due to weddings and moving by several of the maker’s children.  Understandable.  Besides, with a colder than normal winter and several inches of snow on the ground most of the time, it was not like we were itching to spend tons of time outside swinging.

As a bonus, you all get to see my messy garage.  I chose to stain and seal the swing this particular day rather than clean up the garage.  I thought I would have time for both, but the swing took a lot longer than I anticipated.  That happens fairly often with me. 🙂

unfinished new porch swingThe sealer I chose to use came tinted (Thompson’s WaterSeal Advanced Tinted Wood Protector).  This saved me the extra step and drying time of applying a separate stain.  It was also a one coat application.  The initial color scared me, as it was quite a bit more orange and … 70-ish than I wanted.  However, once it dried it was exactly what I was looking for.

Now to find a cushion to fit the full 6 feet.  I’ve been looking online but have not decided upon anything yet.  Any suggestions?

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