Swagbucks Challenge

Total as of July 14th = 1375 Swagbucks. 3125 Swagbucks left to earn (184 per day).

At the beginning of July I set a personal challenge for myself – in the month of July I wanted to earn enough Swagbucks to be able to redeem for $50 in Amazon gift cards.  This amount came out to 4500 Swagbucks (450 SBs for one $5 gift card x 10, note* you can only redeem for five $5 Amazon cards each month.)

Not only did I want to reach the goal of having a certain amount of Swagbucks, but also to be able to do it without spending all my time earning these.  I found out in June that it was very easy to earn this amount (earned enough to buy cloth training pants), and more, but it also took a lot of my attention.  I wanted to see if it was possible, while having Life happen.

So far in July we have traveled out of state, added another kid to the mix, added back in babysitting, beginning major home repair work, and lack of a clothes washer for a bit.  Yup, I think we have Life down.

As things are always more fun with others, I also challenged you to set a goal for yourself and see if you could reach it.

There have been many days when I have not been able to do much or anything at all.  For certain I will not be getting the 30 Day Daily Goal Bonus.  That does not mean I should just give up. I need to start from where I am and keep going.  Any progress is better than none.


Below you can see my progress, at the beginning of each date listed:

July 14 – 1375 Swagbucks

July 12 – 1368 SBs

July 8 – 1206 SBs

July 4 – 897 SBs

July beginning balance – 487 SBs