Weekly Goals – May 13, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day


So, I was away this weekend visiting my mother.  It was kind of a last minute thing, as we decided earlier in the week to go on the weekend.  I honestly thought I had written my list of goals for this week and scheduled it to post today.  Obviously that didn’t happen.  However, it is still the 13th, for another hour, so I’m not too late.  Right?

It was a good visit, full of family in addition to my parents.

When asked to think of a few words that described my mom I wrote down “hospitatliy” as one of them. This is so true of both my parents. They take it all in great stride. My parents’ house went from just the 2 of them, to having 9 for breakfast on Sunday morning.   My husband and dad even took care of 6 little ones (under 5) and 4 older ones (between 10 and 15) while us ladies went to a Mother-Daughter supper at church.  My husband had been prepared for 3, while my dad knew that there were going to be at least 6.  The last 4 really aren’t much trouble and could pretty much take care of themselves.  Now, being that these were all of the male gender, mom was really glad she made a bit extra in the supper category that night.  She actually thought perhaps she had made too much, but seems it turned out to be just right.

I want to be like them when I grow up.  One of the reasons I wanted to work on hospitatlity more this year.  Hence the Tea Party I had a month or so ago.  It may not end up being one of the areas I minister in as much as they do, but it is something we are all called to do and it is good for everyone to at least be able to do it to some extent.  I did read a post recently at The Common Room in which hospitality versus entertainment was mentioned. (She also gives reference to a few places in the Bible where it is spoked of.) I had never thought of it that way, but it did get me to thinking.  Perhaps the Tea was good practice, but may have been a bit more along the lines of entertainment than hospitality.  However, what my parents showed this weekend was hospitatlity in more than one way.

Now on to goals.

With the nice weather today during the drive back, I feel like I am very much behind on my garden.  I wish I could just sprinkle spoofle dust, as a friend is inclinded to say, on it and have it just appear tomorrow morning.  However, I don’t that is very “organic” so I guess I’ll just have to take the longer route of actually doing it myself.

Previous Goals

1. Transplant lettuce plants (a neighbor started more than she needed and wanted to think these out)

2. Start digging up plants from the main flower bed, which I want to keep.  (I know it is the wrong time of year to do this for most of them.  However, now is when I feel motivated and am okay with a season of poor blooms.)

3. Clear off a section in my basement’s “crawl space” for garage sale items.

4. Declutter 7 things each day.  Put either in the trash, on a “free” table in front of my house, or in the garage sale section.

5. Hang my bicycle storage system.  Inflate my bike tires, then hang it up.  (Yes, I will be using it, but the goal right now is to just get it off the garage floor.)

Well, hmmm.  I can’t believe those were my goals as I thought they were for this upcoming week.  Does it could that I was thinking about them?  Yeah, didn’t think so.

New Goals:

1. Transplant lettuce plants

2. Declutter 7 things each day.

3. Hang my bicycle.

4. Set plants outside to get them hardened off.