Swagbucks Paid For Our Cloth Potty Training Pants

On Wednesday I told you about a great opportunity for my readers to earn a 500 SB bonus for signing up.  Here is a bit of recap in case you missed it:

So how do you get that 500 SB bonus? Simple: you can earn SB from any of the earning activities found on the homepage or top bar of Swagbucks.com (Shop, Search, Watch, Play, Answer, Discover, Daily Crave, NOSO & Daily Poll). I’ll be posting periodically ways to help you earn more Swag Bucks so you can hit that 1500 SB mark before July 14th. In the meantime, if you haven’t started earning with Swagbucks yet, now is a great time to sign up and check out all the different ways to earn Bucks — all so you can get a bunch of free gift cards.
* Please note that it may take up to 14 business days to credit your account once you have earned 1500 SB.

If that was not enough of an incentive, let me give you a great example of how using Swagbucks has saved us money.  I also want to encourage you to aim high for the goal of 1500 SB by July 14th.  If that is more than you are used to earning and it seems a bit daunting for you, let me assure you that it is easier than it seems.  Once you have a goal in mind, a purpose to work towards, it is amazing the progress you can make.

To show you that it is possible to earn the 15oo SB in the time frame between now and July 14th, let me show you a recent purchase I made using Swagbucks and explain how I was able to reach my goal of 2500 SB in a month’s time.

Jack potty trained about two years ago, but still can not make it through the night dry.  The end does not seem to be in sight any time soon. Lately, I have been unable to find training pants in his size at the normal discount store where I usually purchase them.  Either I could do add an extra load of sheets to my laundry routine or pay $5 more a month and buy his size at the regular big box store.

After seeing several giveaways for cloth diapers I began to wonder if there was such a thing as cloth potty training pants for a kid his size to wear overnight.  After doing a lot of online research I began to learn the world of cloth training pants.  While most are understandably made for daytime use and for younger kids, there were a few brands and styles that would work for older kids or overnight.  Many people commented that they used disposables for night time, but a few brave souls shared what worked for them for night time wetters.  The prices of such solutions, due to my sons size and need for overnight wearing, was a bit shocking.

Since I did not want to pay a lot to try cloth trainers overnight on an older preschooler, I began to look for ways to do it cheaper. There were several choices – giveaways (though few and far between for the brands I was looking at), ebay, Craigslist, sites that offered used trainers or seconds, and online forums that focus on selling cloth diapers (most also listed trainers).  Knowing that I did not have the funds right at that moment forced me to wait, watch, and research.  I looked up reviews of so many brands and fabrics that I soon had to start consciously not looking at brands I had already decided would not work for us. By narrowing down my focus I had the mental room to begin taking note of prices, including the shipping terms and prices.  In the end I knew exactly what I was looking for and the price range in which to get them.

All of  this took place over a month’s time – the earning of Swagbucks, the research, the bidding on Ebay (none of which I won, but I knew I had time to wait for the price I was willing to pay), watching other sites for used or seconds, and final purchase. I was able to earn enough Swagbucks in that month’s time to get a $25 PayPal card which, when added to just over $10 I already had in that account, paid for the 2 cloth trainer covers and 10 inserts I found online.

cloth potty trainers swagbucks

Here are the activities I did in order to earn the SB needed:

Daily – NOSO, Daily Poll, ToolBar, and SBTV and EntertaiNow via their respective apps

As available or time allowed – surveys, Daily Crave, Discover (Payment Wall videos, Trial Pay free trials, Aarki special offers, Brand Connect, Read), and Special Offers on the home page.

I also continued to use Bing.com, as I would earn enough over the course of a month to receive a 500 SB code.

At first, my goals was to reach the daily goal so that I would also receive a few extra SB each day.  Once I found a groove that worked for me I set my sights on achieving the winning streaks. Some days it was hard to reach the goals.  Other days it didn’t take a lot of effort due to a survey I was able to take.  In the end, I was able to purchase $95 worth of items for under $40, with $0 coming out of pocket.

If you could buy anything with the gift cards you will earn, what would it be?  Something you have always wanted to try or a treat to indulge yourself?


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