My Bible for Preschoolers, A Review

One Sunday I quickly needed something from the Children’s’ Library at church.  Often when I see children’s Bibles I am disappointed.  I have not actually found one I like and am in general against them because of this.  Most seem to make it into more of a rhyme book or are drawn out and are not suited to young listeners.  Due to being disappointed so often, my common response is to not even pick them up.

While quickly glancing over the available options in the church library, I came across a book that caught my attention. I flipped through it and saw that with each turn of the page there was a different story, but it was short.  Exactly what I needed at that moment.  “What?! A children’s Bible?!”  So even though it was a Bible for kids I picked it up.

My Bible for Preschoolers by Ellen W. Caughey was the book that I picked up and used that day.

As I started reading through it that day I became more impressed.  So much so that I checked it out and have used it for over three weeks.  The kids like it, know what it is when they see it (“It’s the Bible!), and the stories are short enough to keep their attention.  Each story only takes a minute or two to read.  However, the part I like best about this book is that it stresses the key lesson of the story, not necessarily just the details. At the bottom of each story it gives a one sentence summary as to the meaning of the story for kids.

My plan (hope) for this summer is to read a story each morning, Monday through Friday.  Then have a song, craft/coloring page or movie, and an activity for each lesson.  The activity part  may end up being just one or two each week.

I also want to start the kids memorizing scripture.  Surely if they can learn the names of all the characters on their favorite shows and in their favorite books they can learn other things too.  Being as they are not even school age yet, we’ll save memorizing chapters for later.  For that matter, I’ve never done a whole chapter, except for Psalm 23, so perhaps I shouldn’t ask something of them that I haven’t even done yet.  Instead, we will start with a shorter verser from one of the stories from that week.

So, that is the plan.  We’ll see how it is actually works out.

Update: Between the time of writing this review and posting it, I contacted the publisher to ask a few questions.  Sadly, I found out that this book is no longer in print.

Note: This review was of my own accord.  I wrote it only because I really like this book, especially after being disappointed by so many “children’s Bibles”.  I was not compensated for doing this review.

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