Garden Update – May 28, 2014

Garden Update 2014

Last week this was the plan for the week:

Still left to do:

Seed and fertilize grass – when you don’t remove the piles of leaves you gathered quickly enough, you end up with very large areas void of grass the next Spring

Plant spinach

Plant cucumbers and zucchini

Create plan for the rest of the large raised bed

This Week’s Gardening Goals:

Finish re-potting vegetable plants

Remove grass from driveway

Seed and fertilize yard

Plant spinach, cucumbers and/or zucchini

Weed beds along front walk

Spread wood chips in front walk beds

Then a bad storm came through and and that all changed.

hail damage collage

The goal at that point was to save all the garden transplants I had on the back deck when the storm came through.  Instead of having 50 tomato plants to plant and give away, I now have less than 10.  The 15 or so parsley plants were completely ruined.  I saved the plants in this container by placing the kids’ card table over them, or else they too would have been a complete loss.  As it was, one of the two basil plants didn’t make it, nor half of the parsley planted here.  The marigolds, though, are looking great and ready to start blooming.  (This is a picture from a few weeks ago.)

raised container garden 5 13 14

Instead of seeding grass, the kids and I spent two days raking leaves and picking up sticks.  It felt more like fall than mid-Spring.

At the beginning of the week I was feeling like a horrible gardening.  The week before last we had several days of rain.  At first I saw it as a blessing and put the transplants out to get a good soaking rain on them.  Turns out it was too much rain and they were beginning to look bad.  So I put them out in the sun to dry off.  Yeah, wrong idea.  It stressed them even more.  So back into the shade they went, to grow some new leaves.  The majority of them were beginning to do just that when the storm came along.  By the time I realized the hail was no stopping, but actually coming down faster and larger it was too late.  I chose to move my car into the garage before saving the plants.

I also realized my pepper plants were not growing like they should have been.  In my excitement to get them into the garden, I think I put them out too soon.  They really needed to have stayed in a sheltered area and grown for a few more weeks.

On a brighter note, all my onions are looking fabulous, the blackberry bushes have come back from the beating by the hail, the strawberry plants have produced their first strawberries and the Stevia plant in the herb garden is blooming.

Poppy flower

I also was able to save some poppy seeds before the storm came.  These are gorgeous flowers and are so easy to propagate.  When we first moved to this house I loved these suprise flowers that first Spring.  They began to decrease in numbers the following years and I couldn’t figure out why.  Now I know it was because their seeds were slowly falling further and furter outside the flower beds.  Now I make sure to save some each year and add to the snow covered ground or bare soil in late winter.  Their numbers are coming back and I LOVE their bright splash of color in my yard.

This upcoming week I’m not exactly sure what I hope to accomplish.  I’m thinking I am going to keep the list short and focus as much as possible on those things.

  1. Cover the strawberry and blackberry plants with netting to keep out the birds.
  2. Till parts of the yard and spread grass seed.

What do you do when you find yourself setback in your gardening by unforeseen events or mishaps you may have caused?