My Happy Place


One Sunday, someone told me something they had done. They preceded it and ended it by saying, “I hope I haven’t caused you any trouble.”  {sigh}

Even though I wanted to say something very different than what actually came out of my mouth, I took a few seconds to think and choose my words.  With an honest smile on my face I thanked the person for letting us know.  It truly was better that we know than be kept in the dark about it and wonder in the future how certain people got certain information about us.

It was not done with malicious intent; it was a completely innocent action on their part that could have repercussions on our’s.  I understood where this person was coming from and why they did what they did without really thinking.  How often do we do that exact thing ourselves?

Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles. Proverbs 21:23 (KJV)

It is amazing how quickly the feelings of anxiousness, alertness, annoyance, insecurity, and lack of privacy came back.

I also was reminded to thank, yet again, a good friend who is beyond great about not giving out information.  Don’t even try to get her to hint about stuff.  If she does not know you, she won’t even give out hints over the phone letting you know if any of her family members actually live at her house or even if she knows them at all.  It is an amazing skill that is very useful in various situations.

My husband, in all his great wisdom, followed lunch out with dessert out, too.  Those were then followed up by a walk to the park.  It is amazing how much calmer I felt after being in a green place, surrounded by trees and flowers, birds singing and the wind rustling leaves.

This was my Happy Place.

Oak tree stand with path and bench park

garden park spring flowers blooming tree

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