How does your garden grow? – Ohio Buckeye trees and how seedlings grow

Ohio buckeye collage

Thanks to the squirrels in our yard, there are an abundance of tree sprouts appearing in the garden and flower beds every Spring.  While this can be annoying, it does give an opportunity to view the intriguing process of a plant coming from a seed.  All the information needed to produce a plant is contained in each seed.  Even the smallest of seeds contain all the cells needed to produce the desired plant.

As you an see, the top of the plant does not come out of the top of the seed while the roots come out of the bottom, though that is often how I imagine it.  Instead, the seed sprouted and from there the appropriate cells began to do what they were programmed to do.

Some plants are sensitive to gravity,Gravitropism, with their roots going down and their tops going up.  No matter which way you plant them, the appropriate parts will grow either towards or away from gravity.

Other plants are sensitive to light, Phototropism, with their tops growing towards the light.  These plants will grow towards the greatest source of light, even if it is to the side rather than up.

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