Raised Container Planter – May 7, 2014

raised container may 6 2014

Yesterday I showed you a picture of this container planter.  It was a find at a garage sale, one that I was not sure about using but curious enough to buy.  It worked well enough that I wanted to try it again with some more experience under my belt.

Last year the tomato plants grew but did not produce much.  They were planted too late to get the start they needed.

The flowers grew well, though there was too much extra space between them.

This year I made sure to use some of my strongest tomato starts (and added two to some of the holes just in case) and plant more flowers than I thought I would need.  It is easier to thin out flowers than to add them.

Here is a diagram/photo of what I planted.

raised container labeled may 6 2014

What has been your favorite container to plant in?  Do you prefer pots, hanging baskets or some other style?