Weekly Goals – May 6, 2012

Previous Goals:

1. Remove volunteer seedlings from other two beds

2. Start rest of cucumber seeds

3. Pull more weeds from main front flower bed

I think I formed a plan to deal with my front flower bed.  This meant that there was no reason to do #3 as it would be like washing your old clothes before throwing them away.  We’ll see if the new plan is approved by the “Home Improvement Committee”.  So far half the Committee likes the idea.


New Goals:

1. Transplant lettuce plants (a neighbor started more than she needed and wanted to think these out)

2. Start digging up plants from the main flower bed, which I want to keep.  (I know it is the wrong time of year to do this for most of them.  However, now is when I feel motivated and am okay with a season of poor blooms.)

3. Clear off a section in my basement’s “crawl space” for garage sale items.

4. Declutter 7 things each day.  Put either in the trash, on a “free” table in front of my house, or in the garage sale section.

5. Hang my bicycle storage system.  Inflate my bike tires, then hang it up.  (Yes, I will be using it, but the goal right now is to just get it off the garage floor.)


Last week went well  and I think this week will go okay too, so I’m giving myself a few more official (i.e. public) goals.  Last week I really did try to get rid of hot spots around the house, which led me to realize I had no place for items that I want to sell in a garage sale.  I’m hoping having a designated place will allow me to declutter more areas of the house.  Now, I know FLY Lady says to just get rid of it.  That is usually what I do.  This time however, I felt like there is enough items to justify having a sale.  We’ll see if it all adds up to that or if I’ll just offer it to a local group doing a garage sale to make money.