Weekly Garden Goals – January 29, 2012


Well, it was the sort of week I thought it would be.  Not a horrible week, but something in the middle of the day for three or four days straight.  The break up in my days really makes them feel shorter.  It all has to do with the interruption in focus.  Next week however should be a bit better.  I hope so because, well, I got zero, zilch, nada of my goals from last week completed.  I did get half way done with Goal #1 … okay,  it was not half way.  It was more like 25%.  I was just trying to be a bit positive.  It is good that I posted my goals though.  Otherwise I would not have even gotten that 25% done.  Something is better than nothing, right?

Previous Goals:

1. Create plan for my raised beds as to what is going where and how many per square. – got about 25% of it done.  Hope to finish it up this week.

2. Purchase more pellets.

3. Look into whether the lights I have are the correct ones of if they need to be changed.

New Goals:

1. Turn over my compost pile.

2. Finish last week’s goals.

3. Find a (free) source of chicken manure and maybe some others to add to the compost pile and my garden.


I would really love to hear how you are doing with your goals.  What do you have planned?  What stage are you at in your garden?   I am just a bit envious of those in the south who may already have produce, but go ahead an post anyway.  I can then live vicariously through you.