2014 Garden Update – May 6, 2014

Garden Update 2014

This week seems to have been a turning point for many things in the garden.

Mulch has been spread around the beds were it was previously just piled.  I also found a set of solar lights at a garage sale last week for $2.  With new batteries, these are looking great along our entry way.  We’ll see how they do come summer when the shade has been greatly increased during the day.

The onion sets I planted turned out great.  It seems the snow two days after planting did not harm them.  Now if the squirrels would only stay away …

onion sets may 6 2014

The strawberry plants have perked up wonderfully had are growing.  I see several blooms on each plant.  The bird netting will soon have to be put into place.

strawberry plants may 6 2014

The location for the dwarf peach tree I bought this spring was not ready in time to plant the tree.  Instead the peach tree was placed into a large pot and this location will be used as a temporary veggie spot.  I hope to improve upon the soil between now and this fall, when the peach tree will be planted here.

deck bed may 6 2014

I was able to place 18 lilac bush sprouts into pots.  The summer will probably hold more.  Lilacs root sprout easily and I know we did not get all the roots out of the ground when we removed the bushes.

Lilac root sprouts potted

This week I was in the mood to start planting something other than onions.  I started first with a container I have on our deck.  On the top 2 basil plants, 4 herbs, 7 marigold and zinnais were planted.  Hanging from underneath are 4 tomatoes plants, though I put two plants in some of the holes as some of the seedlings looked a bit weak.

raised container may 6 2014

Having accomplished the above planting, I was even more in the mood, so I proceeded onto the bed under my kitchen window.  (That bed really needs a new name.)  This bed gets a lot of sun which has presented me with a challenge these past couple of years.  I am hoping the significant amount of mulch added to it this past winter will help these plants not wither away like some in the past have.

In order to plant here I also needed to add a fence around the plants.  It is just too easy of a buffet for the local rabbit population.  In all 12 pepper plants, two rows of beets and a scattering of zinnia seeds were added to this bed.  I added more plants than I have in years past, as I find myself midsummer lamenting the wasted space between the plants.  Again hoping this will help keep the soil cool and not as dry once the sun comes on full force.

kitchen bed may 6 2014

And just to show that I am not all work and no play, this is how I started out my week working in the garden …

How is your garden coming along?