What Free Day?

calendar coffee computer

This week looked promising on the calendar:

Sunday – return home from visiting family

Monday – nothing

Tuesday – apply for new social security numbers for our “new” kids, do a bit of shopping in Big Town while there, help out at church

Wednesday – nothing

Thursday – meeting in the morning

Friday – nothing

Saturday – get together

Not too bad, every other day was free so if something came up, I had a day between to rejuvenate.  Then life actually happened.

messy bedroom

Monday – no school so all kids were home.  The one kid in particular like routines, not to the extent of to the minute, but changes throws this one off.  No school is a major change in routine so the day started out … rough.  It finally got better.  This is also one of the evenings when my husband has school, so except for the lunch hour, I was on my own all day long.  “Long” is a great descriptive word for this day.  We switched clothes as the seasons are changing.  Also did 6 loads of laundry, including the three potty accidents one kid decided to add because they were too lazy to get up and go … finally wasn’t allowed to wear any more bottoms, which solved the issue … mostly.

Tuesday – realized I had a borrowed truck in my drive way, meaning I could pick up that item in Big Town that I had decided against getting because it couldn’t fit into my car.  Also, remembered this was the morning of getting together with some other moms.  Since the social security office didn’t open till 9 and the other store did not open till 10, I decided to add even more goodness to the day.  So it became a day of:

  • 9 a.m coffee shop get together
  • 10:30 arrive at social security office and entertain accompanying preschooler for an hour before being called up, at which point I produced special, never-before-seen toys from my purse so I could talk while kid played
  • 12 noon stop by bank
  • 12:15 stop by CVS where the Easter Clearance called to me
  • 12:45 explain yet again to the cashier and manager that the “clearance” items were ringing up at twice what it should be costing me
  • 1:00 leave CVS with the correct amount being deducted from my bank account and much grace extended to accompanying preschooler
  • 1:15 arrive at last store to pick up large item
  • 1:30 take kid to a fun fast food restaurant (this kid was doing amazing for all that had happened so far in this day). We had a gift card, so this is where we went to eat.
  • 2:00 head back to Small Town
  • 2:30 stop at hardware store in Small Town to pick up additional item that was actually cheaper than in Big Town.  Also picked up some sealer for porch swing, which was a Christmas present from my parents and the reason we had switched vehicles with them for a few days.  They weren’t able to make the trip up and back this week and we couldn’t fit this in the back of my car.  Meeting halfway on Thursday was a compromise that worked out for all of us.
  • 2:55 home to unload and get kid off bus
  • 3:20 get neighbor’s kid off bus (this neighbor was supposed to help me out today but it switched and we ended up being the helpers, isn’t that what neighbor’s are for?)
  • 3:50 leave house to head to church, 4:00 go back home for forgotten driver’s license
  • 4:15 leave house 2nd time, 4:50 arrive at church 20 minutes late and more in the way than actually helping but the little kids thought it was great fun and they were hot stuff
  • 5:30 leave church, 5:45 decide to make “quick” stop (don’t laugh too hard) at Menard’s for Free After Rebate items
  • 6:15 (so much for a “quick” stop) go to grocery store in same parking lot to get milk and a few items (really, it started off as a list of 2 things!)
  • 6:45 head home!!

Supper was a bit of this and that I grabbed from home before we left and eaten in the truck after leaving church and while in Menard’s – apples, peanut butter cracker sandwiches, Fiber One gummy snacks (thanks to Checkout 51 and Ibotta rebates), and individual packages of nut and more gummy snacks picked up from somewhere.  Not exactly a balanced meal, but I was not in the mood for spending even more money.

helper hammering in landscape edging

By the way, the more I’ve gotten to know the people at our local hardware store, the more I really appreciate them.  When we moved to Small Town, we bought an older home.  It is over 90 years old now.  Several projects kept me busy those first 6 months or so.  Often I found myself going to the hardware store almost daily, asking questions, picking up this forgotten item or that “I didn’t even know I needed one of those till I was in the middle of something and realized what I was doing wasn’t working” item.  Yes, it is sad when the people at the hardware store constitute the majority of the people you interact with over the course of a week.  Okay, they were pretty much the only people I talked with, except my husband, for quite some time.  The good part, they got to know me and are just good people.  It is run by a father/Son duo who have been here for … a long time.  I love our Small Town.

Wednesday – house was a disaster after Monday’s clothing marathon, and Tuesdays in and out dashes.  Decided to take on hour or so to pick it up then go outside.  5 hours, lunch, and a new dislike for PDF files that will not save entered data later we made it there.  At which point I promised we could “go play in the sandbox once Mommy finished staining the new porch swing”.  {sigh}  It took a bit longer than I thought, about 3 hours longer.  The porch swing has been completely stained though!

Thursday – this looks to be on par with the beginning parts of this week.  Drop off at school, then 30 minutes to make a stop by a yard sale and be at meeting.  10:30 I need to leave and drive 2 hours to meet my dad and switch vehicles, eat lunch and drive 2 hours back where I will hopefully meet the bus.  I have a 30 minute grace period in all this traveling.  If I miss the bus, my wonderful neighbor (the one we helped out Tuesday) will be there, but I am aiming to be on time.  (Laughter is good for the soul, so don’t hold back at this point.)  I think this would be a great time to go to the park or have a “movie afternoon”.

Friday – local city-wide garage sale is happening.  I have several items on my list to search for this year and hope to find several.  Make cake for tomorrow.

Saturday – get together at the local park.  I need to set up so I have NOTHING planned this day except making breakfast and lunch for the family, then setting up.  That’s it.  Nothing complicated. … Hopefully. …  I’m even keeping it simpler by making cupcakes instead of an actual cake.  And using some of those Easter clearance finds instead of coming up with something on my own. … Besides it is at the park and with friends. … Now I’m starting to get nervous.  This sounds way too easy.

bag of cookies label

This evening I had intended to finish writing up a post I had started, but really just felt in the mood to curl up with a coffee, a blanket and a movie.  Then guilt kicked in, “I really should write a post”.  I decided to do the blanket and coffee, but also to share with you a bit of my week.  Why?  Just to show that I too am human and often fail at my goals – particularly the one to “simplify my life”.

This week is anything but simple, though I have gotten rid of 75 articles of clothing, taken care of four pieces of paperwork that have been lingering, and chose to spend time with friends .  That last one took quite a lot of convincing from my internal ‘Mary’ to do, rather than rush off in a very ‘Martha’ way as is my habit.  So I guess the week has not been a complete failure.