Lost in Translation

It is amazing how words come across to young ears.  I had never noticed how unclear words can be, especially if you know what they are supposed to be.

Take for example supper prep the other night.  We were having hummus and veggies.  I decided it was a pretty easy meal for kids to be involved with.  So when I told the toddler that we were having hummus the look of excitement in the eyes were unmistakable.  “The Train?  We have train for supper!?!” It took me a second.  “No, Sweetie.  Hummus, not Thomas.”  It took a few more times of trying to clarify it.  I think it only really sunk in when we sat down for supper.  Till that moment the idea of us having Thomas the Train for supper was still a reality in that young mind.

A few days later, the same young mind spoke up while I covered some plants in anticipation of a possible frost.  We had all the plants covered that I wanted except the parsley.  “Okay, just the parsley left, then we can go back in where it is warmer.”  “Percy!!”  “No, Sweetie.  Parsley.”  Still not sure that one sunk in fully, but it did partly when we got to the parsley plants.  Sorry, no trains there.