Garden Update- March 26, 2014

Garden Update 2014

I started this week with the plan to plant several hundred onion bulbs to grow an early crop of green onions.  It didn’t happen, of which I’m very thankful.  We have had several mornings where a hard frost has fallen over night. The birds and squirrels are also much active and my fencing and other deterrent methods are not set up.

I have already lost one of four blackberry canes to hungry rabbits.  Please, let’s not start the gardening season out by decimating what little is out there.  I tried to salvage some of the blackberry canes.  Not only did the rabbits eat the one cane down, they snipped off another cane into two pieces.  After chasing the rabbits away, I put some wire cages around the remaining canes.  In the cage with the really short cane, I stuck the two snipped off pieces down into the dirt in hopes that they would root and start growing.  A girl can always hope.

The only reason I caught the silly rabbit eating the blackberry canes last Saturday, and thereby having any hope of blackberries this year, was because I in the same bed digging up the lilac bush stump.  I need to get this stump out of there if I am to plant the intended peach tree there.  The tree arrived in the mail on the 13th and has been in my basement (cool and dark) every since.  It needs to be in the ground soon.  The stump is only half way dug up.  For a rather empty week we have been busy around here.  However, this really needs to be a higher priority than it has been.

Here are pictures of my seedlings.  I have two grow lights there, but the one is lifted up as it is mainly over the area with the heat mat.  The flats in that area are not ready for light yet.

I will apologize now for the poor quality.  With only the grow light on in an otherwise dark basement and some of the flats next to a white wall, well, the conditions were the best for photo taking.

View of seedling table

I’m planning to divide some of these lettuce plants into other containers.  I put them all into this old margarine container because it was the quickest at the time.

seedlings tomato lettuce basil labeled

With the okra, I had run out of cells but had extra soil and cups, so I used those instead.

Okra seedlings

The flats below are a mix of plants.  I did make a “map” of each so I would know what is what.  Very important when there are about 4 different kinds of tomatoes in there.
Seedlings Round 2 tray 2

Seedlings round 2

Seedlings tomato

Seedlings on heat mat

I have been rotating my seed flats so each gets a chance on the heat mat.  The heat mat was one investment that has really helped.  I have so many more seeds sprout, and quicker, by using it.  If I had a green house, or a warm counter top on which to place my flats, then a heat mat may not be needed.  However, what I have is a cool basement in a cool house.  I is much cheaper to plug in the mat than to raise the whole house by about 10 degrees.

I’ve also been saving milk jugs and plastic drink containers to use in starting my zinna seeds next week.  I need to check with a gardening friend to see if she has any empty cells in which to start spinach, which also needs to be started next week.  The space on my counter with grow lights and the heat bad is basically gone, so I also need to figure out another set up for the next few weeks of seed starting activities.